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Selling your house in the heat of summer

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July 21st, 2014
pitcher of lemonade
pitcher of lemonade

Selling a house during the hottest months of the year may seem untimely. It’s true that many people are planning and enjoying vacations, pool days, and staying inside their cool homes. But if you want to sell your house in the summer, you need to be proactive in showing it to potential buyers. And believe me, they’ll be out looking. 

Cool it

Here are a few tips to help beat the heat:

• Set the thermostat to a nice cool temperature so that potential buyers are comfortable during their visit. This will also enhance their first impression since they’ll be immediately relieved when they walk in the door. 

• Have a pitcher of ice water with lemon for refreshment to make potential buyers feel right at home.

• Create an inviting space on an outdoor patio, porch, or deck by decorating with brightly-colored cushions, pillows, tableware, etc.

• Trim the greenery often—grass grows quickly during summer heat and rain. If you live in a Southern state, consider planting drought-resistent greenery.

• If your house has a basement, run the dehumidifier to keep it from feeling damp and muggy.

Remember, any time is a good time to sell your house, and one of the most important factors in selling is to prepare the house appropriately for going on the market. Following these tips will help you and your house put your best foot forward during the dog days of summer.