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Residents on air

TV commercials offer glimpse into life at Highland Springs

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August 20th, 2014
couple filming a tv commercial

Springs resident Bob O’Steen says his acting debut was one for the memory books.

“I had a blast,” says Bob, who appears in Highland Springs’ latest television commercials with his wife, Patty. The 30- and 60-second commercials, which began airing on the three major Dallas networks—KXAS, WFAA, and KTVT—in mid-July, feature lifestyle footage and interviews with residents of Highland Springs, the Erickson Living community in North Dallas.

“Our message is much more powerful and engaging when it comes from a resident who experiences the Erickson lifestyle firsthand,” says Zach Cheney, manager of television production for Erickson Living. “Our residents have great personalities and rich stories. It would be a missed opportunity not to feature them in our television commercials.”

Twenty-five residents were filmed for the commercials, which were shot on location at Highland Springs over a three-day period in May 2014. 

“Zach called us in April and asked if Patty and I would like to be in the commercial,” says Bob, who retired from a career in schoolbook publishing. “We were happy to say yes.”

Popcorn, what popcorn?

The day of the shoot, Bob and Patty were filmed in one of the community’s model apartment homes. 

“The film crew wanted footage of us relaxing in the apartment,” says Bob. “Patty was reading, and I was supposed to be watching television.”

Bob, who volunteers behind the scenes at the North Dallas community as the producer of the in-house television program, Howdy Highland Springs, says stepping in front of the camera gave him the opportunity to ham it up.

“I like it when the residents and staff members we feature on Howdy Highland Springs are animated,” says Bob. “I tried to be animated without going over the top.”

The couple’s taping went off with one small hitch.

“I didn’t realize the popcorn on the coffee table was just for show,” says Bob. “I ate half the bowl while the film crew was discussing angles.”

Take the next step

The commercials also feature Christina Christie, sales counselor at Highland Springs. Christie has worked at the North Dallas community since the sales center opened on the property in 2005.

“We want these commercials to engage people who are familiar with Highland Springs as well as those who might not have heard of us,” says Christie. “Our goal is to encourage viewers to take the next step to learn more about Highland Springs, whether that’s picking up the phone and calling the sales office directly, logging on to our website and requesting a brochure, or joining our priority list.”

Christie says the timing of the commercials couldn’t be better.

“This is an exciting time in the life of Highland Springs,” she says. “Construction is under way on our newest residence building, Willow Ridge. Our existing residence buildings are currently 99% sold out, so the addition of new, beautiful apartments is exciting.”

To catch Highland Springs’ newest commercials, tune in to Good Morning Texas, the 11 a.m. news (KXAS and KTVT), The Price Is Right, the news at noon (WFAA), Katie, and the 4 p.m. news (KXAS, WFAA, and KTVT).