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Top four questions—and answers—about Ashby Ponds

Q&A with Sales Counselor Dana Bradshaw

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August 20th, 2014
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2014 is one for the record books at Ponds, the Erickson Living community in Ashburn, Va. This past March, Maple Grove, the new continuing care neighborhood, welcomed its first residents, followed by the summer opening of Ashby Ponds’ seventh independent living residence building, Willow Crossing. Last month, the Tribune announced the early 2015 opening of another residence building, Hickory Glen, and the Great Oak Clubhouse.

Keeping everyone up-to-date on all the happenings at Ashby Ponds, Sales Counselor Dana Bradshaw has been meeting with more prospective residents than ever before. 

“Our tremendous growth is the result of a huge and ever-growing demand for the Erickson Living lifestyle in Loudoun County, Va.,” says Bradshaw. “Every day I meet with people eager to call Ashby Ponds home.”

Each of these meetings brings the opportunity to address unique questions and concerns. 

“But there are some questions that come up on a daily basis,” says Bradshaw. “And it’s my belief that if one person is asking a question, chances are two other people are wondering the same thing.”

Following are the top four questions Bradshaw answered this summer. 

“I hope readers will find the responses helpful and if they haven’t done so already, make an appointment to come see our vibrant community in person,” she says.

Q: I would like to consider a move to Ashby Ponds in the future, but I am not ready to move at this time. Is it too early to join the priority list?

A: This is, by far, the question I receive more than any other, and the answer is important. Joining the priority list is the only guaranteed way to ensure a future at Ashby Ponds. Priority list members receive first notice on new construction, and this benefit cannot be overstated. Both Willow Crossing and Hickory Glen are already 85% sold out, almost exclusively to priority list members.

Whether you hope to move in one year or ten years, membership ensures that an Ashby Ponds home will be available when you are ready to move. In fact, our priority list includes many children of our current residents. They’ve witnessed the Erickson Living lifestyle firsthand and wish to make it a part of their future. 

Q: We recently heard the news that another residence building and a second clubhouse will open soon. What is the status on those buildings?

A: Responding to the continued demand for homes at Ashby Ponds, a new residence building, Hickory Glen, and the Great Oak Clubhouse are on schedule to open in early 2015. 

Hickory Glen will provide 68 new apartment homes with 14 of the most popular floor plans, including the two-bedroom, two-bath Pendleton and the deluxe, two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath Walton. These new homes will feature sought-after amenities, including stainless steel kitchen appliances, granite countertops, and upgraded lighting and flooring options. Additionally, nearly half of the homes will offer—as a response to demand—an outdoor living space with a screened-in patio or porch.

Shortly after the opening of Hickory Glen, the 20,000-square-foot Great Oak Clubhouse will open featuring a performing arts theater, café, a banquet room, reading room, art studio and gallery, additional classrooms, and a new control room for Ashby Ponds’ in-house television station.

Q: I find that surrounding myself with young people helps keep me young. Does Ashby Ponds provide opportunities to invite younger people into our daily lives?

A: The answer is a resounding yes! Grandchildren are frequently spotted throughout the Ashby Ponds campus, swimming in the pool, gardening alongside their grandparents, enjoying dinner, or attending our Saturday night movies. 

Recently, Ashby Ponds sponsored the third annual Fishing Derby on Father’s Day. Each year, 10 to 30 grandchildren participate. For the event, 700 fish were placed in Fisherman’s Pond, including 50 extra-large catfish. My own daughters Sydney and Chayse took part in the festivities and had a wonderful time. 

On a daily basis, community members enjoy getting to know the high school students who work for dining services as servers and restaurant managers. In fact, our residents appreciate these young people so much that each year they sponsor a generous scholarship program to help the students pay for their college education.