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‘This is home’

Robin Gliboff takes the helm at Devonshire

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September 8th, 2014
photo of executive director of Devonshire

Robin Gliboff, executive director of at PGA National and its continuing care neighborhood, Chatsworth at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., has garnered praise as one of Erickson Living’s most talented and respected leaders.

She’s earned that reputation because she combines her passion for serving seniors with a commitment to financial stewardship and exceptional staff engagement. 

“At Devonshire, with our wonderful residents and dedicated staff, we’re building upon an established culture and raising the bar even higher in every area,” Gliboff says. 

She aims for the community to shine again as the crown jewel of continuing care retirement communities and pledges to be a good steward of residents’ and Erickson Living’s money to accomplish that.

She’s made a point of seeking input from and providing updates to residents about revitalization and repositioning efforts at Devonshire. 

For example, Gliboff holds “Coffee With Robin” question-and-answer sessions in the community’s Stratford Performing Arts Center.

She maintains an open-door policy; unless she’s on a conference call or in a face-to-face meeting, she’s available to hear residents’ questions, ideas, and concerns. 

And she practices “management by walking around,” venturing out in the clubhouse to personally see that things are running smoothly. 

“There’s no doubt that Erickson Living’s mission and values are the pathway to success for Devonshire,” says Gliboff. 

The company will build on the strong foundation that already exists within the community and will foster success in part by preserving Devonshire’s unique culture, keeping resident interests as a top priority, delivering unparalleled amenities and services from a high-performance team, and providing high-quality integrated health care.

Devonshire now operates debt free, Gliboff says. Erickson Living will invest additional capital to ensure it remains financially stable and attractive to today’s and tomorrow’s members. 

Interest-free cash infusions are funding necessary repairs both inside and out and will provide improved benefits, health care, and tuition reimbursement for employees. 

Senior community master planning and repositioning are also under way. 

Those two topics are of special interest to Gliboff. She’s educated herself about them, implemented them in her previous position as executive director at Erickson Living’s Greenspring retirement community in Springfield, Va., and presented on them in national venues.

Lantz-Boggio, a Colorado architectural firm in the forefront of senior housing and health care, is facilitating and developing the master plan to update Devonshire’s clubhouse. 

“They have the expertise and knowledge of industry-wide trends to create a beautiful, inviting, and contemporary vision that will convey Devonshire’s premier lifestyle,” Gliboff says, “and they are taking the time to involve residents in the process.” 

A standing invitation

Devonshire residents enjoy a privileged lifestyle highlighted by five-star service, world-class amenities, the finest entertainment, and lively and stimulating neighbors. 

“If you’ve never been here or were here in the past, come look and come look again,” says Gliboff. “Come feel the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement of what we have now and of what is to come. You’ve led a distinctive lifestyle; continue to do that at Devonshire.”

Gliboff earned a masters of social work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and has 30 years of experience in the health care industry. She’s worked with seniors for more than 20 years.

When she moved to Florida to assume her role at Devonshire, Gliboff felt as if she’d come home. The Bay Shore, Long Island, native grew up a water baby and revels in her nearness to water now. 

She’s five miles from the ocean at Devonshire and even closer at her condo; there, every window provides a water view. Gliboff merely crosses the street to swim in the Atlantic and labels the Intercoastal Waterway her backyard.

“This is home,” she says.