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Copious amounts of rain and snow'

Forecasters calling for another brutal winter

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September 22nd, 2014
snowblower in winter
snowblower in winter

Get out your snow boots and make sure your shovel is handy, winter is on its way, and from what forecasters are saying, it’s going to be brutal. “Winter will bring a frosty bite,” says Janice Stillman, editor of the 222-year-old Old Farmer’s Almanac. “Be prepared—there’s plenty in the forecast to cause all sorts of mayhem: blizzards, droughts, and hurricanes!” 

It seems that another arctic blast with above-normal snowfall will impact much of the nation. Look for frigid cold in the eastern half to two-thirds of the nation and above normal snowfall in most of the Northeast and from eastern Arizona into the Big Bend of Texas. The West Coast should expect lots and lots of rain. Lest you dismiss the wisdom of the 222-year-old publication, it is not shy about boasting of its 80% accuracy rate.  

At 196-years-old, the Farmers' Almanac is considered something of an upstart in the almanac business, but that publication seems to concur with its older cousin. “The winter of 2014–2015 will see below-normal temperatures for about three-quarters of the nation, with the most frigid areas occurring in and around the Northern Plains into the Great Lakes.” 

Both almanacs agree

“While we don’t think the winter will be as extreme as last year,” says editor Peter Geiger, “we do believe that it’s going to be another one for the record books.” The Farmers’ Almanac outlook includes a very stormy one for the eastern third of the country, with copious amounts of snow and rain, especially during the first ten days of January and the first week in February near the Atlantic Coast.

This doesn’t come as good news to anyone who remembers the bone-chilling temperatures and colossal snowfall of last year’s seemingly endless winter. While school children everywhere may be planning their snowman’s newest wardrobe, it should make the rest of us take an early winter weather inventory. Make sure your shovels, snow blowers, and windshield scrapers are in good shape. See if you need to replenish your supply of ice melt/rock salt and stock up on enough hot chocolate mix to keep you warm through the worst of this winter’s storms.