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Introducing Brooksby Village

What happens at that first meeting?

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September 12th, 2014
Jane Kiegel, sales counselor at Brooksby. Laurie Phillips, personal moving consultant at Brooksby.
Jane Kiegel, sales counselor at Brooksby. Laurie P

style="font-size:0.923em; line-height:1.5em">B Sales Counselor Jane Kiegel and Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Phillips explain their appointments with potential residents and other opportunities to learn more about life at the Peabody, Mass., Erickson Living community, including the benefits of joining the priority list.  

Q: How would you describe your meetings with prospective Brooksby residents? 

Kiegel: I spend 60 to 90 minutes with a prospective resident getting to understand their priorities, interests, concerns, and why they are considering a move to Brooksby. The goal is to help determine if Brooksby is the right fit. We also spend time touring apartments and viewing sample floor plans. I absolutely encourage prospective residents to invite any family members they want involved in the decision-making process. It’s also quite common that I meet with people a number of times as they are making decisions.  

Phillips: As the personal moving consultant, I typically do two types of home visits—after someone has joined Brooksby’s priority list and after they have reserved an apartment home at Brooksby. 

In the first case, we meet to set up a game plan for moving to Brooksby. This allows me an opportunity to tell people about all of the services and assistance Erickson Living is able to provide, such as our realty and moving services available to people moving to Brooksby. 

I typically spend about 90 minutes with them in their current home. We discuss possible furniture placement, but more importantly, we talk about the timeline of their plan to move to Brooksby and what the next steps will be. I tell them to think of me as their liaison between living in their current house and making the move to Brooksby. It’s also the time that they ask me a lot of questions that have come to mind since their last appointment with Jane Kiegel or Gina Fernandez [sales manager]. 

When a person has actually reserved a specific apartment home, I help them with their floor plan design and choosing furniture they’ll be bringing with them. 

Q: How can people get the most out of their visits with you? 

Kiegel: I think it’s safe to say that no two appointments are the same. For most, this is truly a learning process. We discuss a wide range of topics, like understanding and evaluating options in the market, when is the perfect time to consider downsizing, timing the sale of their current property with their move here, or how to plan for a move in three to five years. 

Phillips: I find that most people have already begun to think about what furniture they want to bring with them, but what overwhelms many people is what to do with the things they aren’t planning to bring. I help them to find happy homes for those possessions they no longer need but don’t want to just toss away. Many times, after I have been to someone’s home but before they have reserved an apartment, I will tag along when they come to look at apartment homes with Jane. Since I’ve already seen the layout of their home, I can make suggestions for furniture placement in their new apartment.   

Q: When is the right time to join the priority list and set up an appointment with you?  

Kiegel: We absolutely encourage everyone to plan ahead and join the priority list as early as possible. With incredibly low inventory and long wait times for certain floor plans, position on the list is of utmost importance. Another advantage to joining early is complimentary access to Laurie’s services. The more advance planning we can accomplish, the more prepared folks will be when the right floor plan does open up.  

Phillips: An appointment with me can be a great motivator that many people need to start putting their house in order and decluttering. We like to say “start early and end happy.” By starting the downsizing process early, it relieves any last-minute craziness that can be so stressful in the selling and moving process. 

Q: What other opportunities exist for prospective residents to see the campus? 

Kiegel: Priority list members have exclusive access to events geared toward downsizing, floor plan viewing, and socializing with their future neighbors. We also offer complimentary getaways for priority list members, where folks can stay overnight on campus and experience the Brooksby lifestyle firsthand.  

Phillips: Our four-part downsizing series for priority list members is a great opportunity to meet other members who are also thinking of making the transition. It’s also a perfect time to try our chef-prepared meals, learn more about what Brooksby has to offer, and pick up valuable tips on downsizing.