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Meet Jim Antonakos

Former employee returns as new sales director

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September 22nd, 2014
headshot of new sales director at Oak Crest

It has been eight years since Jim Antonakos began his career at Crest as health insurance resource manager for Erickson Advantage, the Medicare Advantage plan offered to Erickson Living residents. Now as he returns to the sold-out Parkville community as the new director of sales, this seasoned professional will tell you the honeymoon phase is far from over. 

“I bounced around a bit before landing at Erickson Living, but once I got here, I instantly felt like this is where I am supposed to be,” says Antonakos.

‘People and relationships’

In his new position, Antonakos is excited at the opportunity to help retirees discover the home of their dreams and live the fullest life possible. 

“For me, it’s all about people and relationships,” says Antonakos. “Oak Crest provides the worry-free environment that allows you to focus on your relationships. Whether it’s with your children, reconnecting with old friends or making new ones, or through personal growth as you pursue your passions, everything we do helps foster and enhance stronger relationships.” 

Antonakos’ most recent position as director of philanthropy at Charlestown, Erickson Living’s flagship community in Catonsville, gave him the opportunity to develop his own personal relationships with residents. 

“I’ve met so many people outside of my generation that I never would have otherwise,” says Antonakos. “I love talking with them and learning about their lives. I’ve heard countless times residents talk about the importance of putting family first, and I take that to heart. As I have gotten to know many residents, I’ve discovered we often share common interests like books or movies. In fact, one couple gave me a wonderful recipe for chocolate-caramel pretzels, and another resident introduced me to new board games like Blokus and Settlers of Catan. 

“It’s satisfying to be able to help them plan the next step in their lives,” he adds.

At home in the Hamilton section of Baltimore, Antonakos turns his attention to his personal relationship with his wife Melinda, their two young daughters, and infant son. 

“Being a dad is my favorite thing in the world,” says Antonakos. “It doesn’t matter what we are doing, as long as we are all together.”

Team effort

In his new position as sales director, Antonakos and his team work with individuals and couples interested in learning more about the Erickson Living lifestyle as well as other aspects of the moving process like selecting an apartment, selling a house, downsizing, finding a real estate agent, and hiring a moving company. 

“The directors that came before me did a remarkable job of leading this team, and it shows in the fact that we’re sold out,” says Antonakos. “I think my biggest challenge will be taking this team that is already achieving remarkable results and finding ways to help them get even better.”

But Antonakos says helping future residents find the right home is only one part of the equation.

“If you are considering moving to Oak Crest, the first step is to visit the community in person. Come see us and let’s talk about your wants, needs, and interests,” he says. “We will work with you so that you’re ready to move within your targeted time frame.” 

Antonakos says he’s proud to work for a company where he knows he’s making a difference in people’s lives every day. 

“One day, I’ll look back on my career—from my Oak Crest apartment home, of course—and I’ll know that I helped make a positive difference in the world. I may not be solving all the world’s problems, but each day I can do something that makes a positive difference in someone’s life, and that’s a start.”