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What’s it like to live at Tallgrass Creek?

Just ask Tallgrass Creek’s resident ambassadors

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September 24th, 2014
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Since Creek opened its doors in 2007, hundreds of guests have attended the various informative (and always tasty) events sponsored by the Overland Park, Kans., community’s creative sales team. Though visitors are eager to get a firsthand look at the vibrant community, they’re also seeking the answer to one question: what is it really like to live at Tallgrass Creek? 

“And who better to answer that than the residents themselves,” says Sales Associate Sue LaBelle. “The sales team sponsors about 12 events a year that draw considerably more than a hundred guests each and our resident ambassadors are always there to meet, greet, and explain what life at Tallgrass Creek is all about.”  

Telling it like it is

Residents Dottie and Jim McCrossen are among the approximately 30 Tallgrass Creek resident ambassadors who volunteer their time to attend sales and marketing events. The McCrossens moved to Tallgrass Creek four years ago and, since then, have attended dozens of events and chatted with many prospective residents. 

“The events are well done and they draw an interesting and curious crowd,” says Jim, a retired pastor. “We’ve met some of the most engaging people not only from this area but from all over the country.”

This year was particularly busy with Meadowlark Terrace, Tallgrass Creek’s newest residence building, poised to open its doors in December. Interested guests flocked to events such as the Blues & Barbecue gathering, Age Well, Live Well Expo, and Ask the Experts. In addition to answering questions at such events, resident ambassadors also offer tours of apartments which often bring up concerns about downsizing. 

“We tell guests to talk with Judy Baxter (Tallgrass Creek sales counselor and personal moving consultant),” says Dottie. “Judy came to our home and helped us decide what to bring and how to deal with getting rid of what we didn’t need. It was a lifesaver.” 

Resident ambassadors also participate in Q&A panels at events such as the Home Resource Expo, an over-the-top gathering chock-full of information about downsizing and moving. About 200 guests attended the event held earlier this year. 

“People don’t hold back,” laughs Jim. “They want answers to all kinds of questions and we do our best to offer our true perspective.” 

Why Tallgrass Creek?

One question that resident ambassadors answer frequently is why they personally chose Tallgrass Creek rather than other retirement communities in the area. That’s an easy one for the McCrossens. 

“Tallgrass is an uplifting place to live,” says Jim. “There are some impressive, professional people living here who are still involved in the outside community, so it’s interesting and energizing. And there is much to do.”

Jim participates in the monthly Men’s Only Breakfast (M.O.B) and is a member of the resident life subcommittee, a liaison between Tallgrass Creek residents and management. Dottie McCrossen enjoys music and sings in the community’s chorale group, which frequently performs at Tallgrass Creek functions. She also participates in weekly tai chi classes taught by resident Merrill Stiles. 

Additionally, Dottie has discovered a new passion since moving to Tallgrass Creek.

“I’m taking painting classes and it’s a blast,” says Dottie. “I would never have tried it if I didn’t live here.” 

The McCrossens’ comments to guests always contain high praise for the dining and kitchen staff,  health club, and on-site medical center.  

“Dr. Welsh is the best doctor around and he’s one floor away,” says Jim. “It’s yet another joy of living here.”