Planning your next move

Online floor plan tool makes furniture placement easy, fun

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October 27th, 2014
online floor plan tool
online floor plan tool

There is a lot to consider when you plan a move: Does your new home suit you? Will you fit into the community? And especially for those who are downsizing, what furniture can you take with you?

In the past year, the Web developers at Erickson Living have turned their attention to the latter question in particular. Using an online-based, interactive software called Design Floor Plan, a person can now see him or herself in a new apartment before signing any paperwork and moving.

“For our clients, most of whom are downsizing, an important factor in their choice of an apartment is selecting their favorite furniture,” says Michael Hill, Erickson Living’s director of Web development. “Design Floor Plan addresses that task by allowing users to move, rotate, and resize furniture to see how they would like to arrange each of their rooms.”

Designing your space

Accessible on any device—desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets—the Design Floor Plan model provides users with a full gallery of virtual furniture they can position within the apartment layout. By scaling each item to the size of their furniture and rotating it to suit the orientation of a specific room, prospective residents can better determine what will fit. 

“This software goes beyond mere room planning,” says Andrew Stark, president of Design Floor Plan. “We’ve optimized our platform with quality images and greater dimension. It actually allows a person to think ahead.”

Since adopting the software, Erickson’s Web team has further streamlined the site, giving users easy access to additional features, including details about the communities, contact information, and resident testimonial videos—each of these links on a single screen. 

“We want the literature for any given Erickson Living community to be right at the user’s fingertips,” says Hill. “Ease of use is very important.” 

Once you’ve decided on an arrangement, you can print a hardcopy for your records or share the layout electronically with a friend or family member. The goal is to make the entire experience as efficient and informative as possible, so that when you do make your move, you know where you are going.

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