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The priceless value of living at Devonshire

David Rollason follows his interests in a relaxed, carefree environment

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October 14th, 2014
man working on a painting

Roughly 15 years ago, as David Rollason’s wife recuperated from a hip operation, he started worrying about how she’d fare if he weren’t around. She told him she’d been worrying the same about him.

That’s when they decided to move from their condominium in Juno Beach to a life care community. None appealed until they visited at PGA National, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens.

Home of their dreams

From the moment they entered PGA National’s grounds and throughout their tour of Devonshire, David marveled at how beautiful, up to date, and well maintained everything was. 

And instead of the single large dining room available at most communities, Devonshire boasted five distinct restaurants, each with its own décor and cuisine. David was impressed.

Most important, Devonshire and its continuing care neighborhood, Chatsworth, provided the peace of mind the Rollasons sought. They moved to be part of Devonshire’s carefree, distinctive lifestyle the year it opened. 

“Devonshire gave me a whole new life,” David says. “I discovered a world I hadn’t been a part of.” 

The Rollasons continually interacted with new friends and pursued new activities. They joined neighbors for drinks and dinner. They took up bridge again, and David learned to play poker. 

Then it happened: The couple experienced the sort of situation they’d worried about. As David’s wife recuperated at home following a second hip operation, he went for what he thought would be a routine blood draw. Instead, he was hospitalized for a transfusion.

That’s when the couple learned the priceless value of living at Devonshire. 

David called his wife and explained why he wouldn’t be home that night. She in turn called the front desk to request that dinner be brought to her and asked that a Devonshire valet bring David’s car from the hospital parking lot back to Devonshire. 

Two calls, no worries. 

Time to pursue his passion

David’s wife has since passed away, and he’s moved into a smaller apartment home, a one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath floor plan with a den, screened terrace, and spacious closets. 

His biggest responsibility is his 14-year-old Yorkie, Cheerful.

David socializes with neighbors each morning at Devonshire’s complimentary continental breakfast buffets, takes a long walk through its four interconnected buildings, then goes about his day. 

His passion is painting portraits and Western landscapes. 

Outside-the-box thinking inspired him to create an ideal in-home artist’s space: David has turned the den into his bedroom and converted the sunlit extra-large bedroom into an artist’s studio and gallery. 

Paintings on his gallery wall include portraits of his children and grandchildren. “I live with my family,” David says. 

When the sun begins to set, this man who decided at retirement he’d never again wear a tie, often changes to slacks, jacket, and yes, a tie, to join friends for a festive get-together of drinks and dinner in the clubhouse. 

“Dressing up makes dinner an event,” David says. “Before Devonshire, my life was so small. I live a much larger life now.”