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Shopping for the holidays?

Here are some gift tips

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October 14th, 2014
Glossy Box beauty treats
Glossy Box beauty treats

It’s that time of year season! Here are a few ideas for the special people on your list!

Young grandchildren

There’s nothing better than reading a storybook to your grandchildren. It’s probably the one activity long-distance grandparents miss the most. Now, Sparkup allows you to read a story to your grandchildren no matter how far away you are. Record any book into the device, send it off, and your grandchild can follow along in the book while listening to your voice. 

We put the Sparkup in the hands of an actual grandparent, Ed Harris, to see how easy it was for him to operate. “The recording process is relatively simple,” says Harris.  “And you can either record the book all the way through from the beginning, or one or two pages at a time if you can’t do it all in one sitting. You can back it up by attaching Sparkup to your computer via a USB cable, feeding the audio into it to make sure you have a spare copy.”

Would he buy it for a grandchild? “If I were an out-of-town grandparent, definitely—otherwise, I personally get more satisfaction out of doing it live, in-person and watching the children’s facial reactions,” says Harris.

Sparkup retails for $59 and is available on Amazon and in specialty toy stores. For more information, visit

Teens and young adult women

If you have a granddaughter who is always sporting the newest makeup trends, be it green eye shadow or sparkly nail polish, she will love the gift of beauty from GLOSSYBOX. Each month, she will receive a box full of beauty goodies in the mail. 

A recent box included two nail polishes, shampoo and conditioner, a collagen cream, and liquid eyeliner. GLOSSYBOXES have included top brands such as Lancôme, Essie, Burberry, and Tom Ford. 

You can give a one-time GLOSSYBOX delivery for $25, a three-month plan is $60, and a six-month plan is $115.

For information or to purchase, visit

Protein lovers and paleo dieters

Just because someone is on a low-carb or paleo diet doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy snacking. Give them something they can really dig their teeth into without feeling any guilt—microwave pork rinds! Each delicious serving has less than 1 gram of carbohydrate, 4 grams of fat, and 23 grams of protein. Since you microwave them when you want them, they are always fresh and don’t need to be refrigerated. 

Choose from plain, spicy, barbecue, and garlic flavors. At only $6.50 per tub, you can order one of each! 

They are available from J&J Etc., a small family-owned company. Order them online at or call 1-405-256-6557.