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Winter is coming

Are you ready? Seabrook is!

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October 10th, 2014
Alan and Ruth Clarin like to take advantage of Seabrook’s indoor walkways year-round to get their exercise.
Alan and Ruth Clarin like to take advantage of Sea

Last winter, New Jersey received approximately 60 inches of snow. That equated to a boatload of shoveling, several slips and falls, and a lot of cabin fever. 

But at S..., a continuing care retirement community in Tinton Falls, life went on as usual. Clubs held meetings, exercise and education classes continued, and restaurants continued to prepare delicious dishes. The warmth of the fireplaces added to the cozy ambience in each living room where people gathered for happy hours.

‘Life just keeps rolling along’

“Regardless of the weather, life just keeps rolling along,” says Pat Hann, who lives in a one-bedroom Brighton apartment home. “You don’t have to go out. All our classes, entertainment, and meals are still available when there’s three feet of snow on the ground.”

Both Pat and her sister Marie Cook have lived at Seabrook for almost a decade, and they wouldn’t change a thing. They agree that their apartments—both one-bedroom Brightons—are the perfect size because the community is so active and full of opportunities in rain, snow, or shine.

The pair participates with the on-site TV studio, which they’ll continue to do, snow or shine. 

Tech-savvy Marie helps her neighbors learn how to use their iPads. She volunteers as an assistant in the iPad class led by TV Producer Travis Tanay. She’s also known as the campus shutterbug. At community events, she often photographs neighbors and hands out the mementoes once they’re developed. 

And Pat, who recently completed three months of cardiac rehabilitation at Seabrook’s on-site rehabilitation while staying in her independent living apartment home, has continued her wellness journey at the on-site fitness center. She also started yoga this fall—a class Seabrook offers weekly as part of its fitness program.

“It’s nice because you don’t have the fear of driving. I can get to the fitness center in any weather, and we don’t have a huge heating bill,” Pat says.

Lower heating costs

That financial aspect weighs heavily on many people’s decisions to move to Seabrook, says Sales Counselor Susan Coulson. “In a 30-year-old house, you have inefficient windows, heating, and unused rooms, making your heating bill much higher than it needs to be,” Coulson says. 

“Here, all utilities, including heating and air-conditioning, are included in a fixed monthly service package that corresponds to your apartment home, so not only are you cutting costs, you have a predictable monthly budget for almost all your expenses,” Coulson explains. 

The monthly service package includes a flexible meal plan for the community’s three restaurants, all utilities except telephone, even a shuttle bus that provides transportation around campus and to popular local destinations. Though glass-enclosed walkways connect every building, the shuttle bus provides an alternate mode. 

Some people, like Ruth and Alan Clarin, take advantage of the walkways in both the heat of summer and the cold of winter to get their exercise. “We walk a lot, attend the shows,” Alan says. “We’re pleased that we made this change.”

Good-bye, snow shovel!

Others appreciate the maintenance-free lifestyle most. 

Paul and Mary Kliauga, who moved from their house of 38 years in New Milford, say “no home maintenance” tops their list of reasons for choosing Seabrook.

“We were ready to give up the work and expense of keeping up a house, most of which we did ourselves,” Paul says. “We thought it would be good to move where living is a little easier.”

With nearly 900 staff members dedicated to preserving a carefree and maintenance-free lifestyle for its 1,400 residents, life at Seabrook is sure to be much easier. Last winter, when ice and snow covered New Jersey for several months, many staff members even stayed overnight on campus to ensure the safety and comfort of every resident. 

Backup generators, trained emergency medical technicians, and a two-week supply of food provide extra assurance in the case of an emergency. 

Who knows what this winter will bring, but one thing’s for sure—Seabrook will be bustling with activity regardless of Mother Nature’s mood. 

Move before winter sets in

Coulson says many people choose to move before the winter weather sets in, for obvious reasons. “It’s a little easier to pack and move without slick roads and cold temperatures,” she says. 

Coulson says that Seabrook has a few select apartment homes available in various sizes, from the popular one-bedroom Brighton floor plan that Pat and Marie love, to larger units available early next month.

Seabrook revealed ten all-new floor plans to its priority list members in August—one will be ready for occupancy next month and eight by the end of the year. 

“We recently combined several apartment homes to create larger, more open floor plans. Though several have already sold, a few are still available just in time to move before the worst of winter sets in,” Coulson says.

Regardless of when you move, Seabrook has resources available to make it as easy as possible. The community provides complimentary real estate and moving assistance as part of its Erickson Realty and Moving Services program, so even if you choose to move later this winter, help is available.