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Winter is coming

Are you ready?

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October 10th, 2014
During last winter’s harsh weather, life went on as usual at Cedar Crest. (From left) Marge Bychek, Don Rodgers, Evelyn DeLeeuw, and Gordon DeBlock ignore the snow outside and hit the green with Wii golf in the Belmont Clubhouse.
During last winter’s harsh weather, life went on a

Last winter, northern New Jersey received approximately 60 inches of snow. That equated to a boatload of shoveling, several slips and falls, and a lot of cabin fever. 

But at Crest, a continuing care retirement community in Pompton Plains, life went on as usual. Clubs held meetings, exercise and education classes continued, and restaurants continued to prepare delicious dishes. The warmth of the fireplaces added to the cozy ambience in each living room where people gathered for happy hours.

Staff worked around the clock, some sleeping overnight at the community, to ensure the nearly 2,000 residents were relatively unaffected by the harsh winter. And glass-enclosed walkways that connect every building allowed for easy access to anywhere in the community.

Assemblyman Scott Rumana presented staff with a special proclamation from the New Jersey State General Assembly honoring employees for their hard work, dedication, and professionalism. Rumana visited the community in April, after what seemed like an endless winter, to present the award. 

Who knows what this winter will bring, but one thing’s for sure—Cedar Crest will be bustling with activity regardless of Mother Nature’s mood.