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Worry-free living

Pennsylvania woman finds perfect community in Novi

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October 14th, 2014
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Until about four years ago, Beverly Schwartz lived in a condo in the heart of Philadelphia, Pa. Although she had retired from her job as an educator, she remained in great health and lived an active and independent lifestyle. There was only one problem—she was hundreds of miles away from her children and grandchildren, who all live in the Detroit and Chicago areas.

“I had a traumatic experience when my mother was sick and she was in Miami and I was in Pennsylvania, so I told my children I would never do that to them,” Beverly says. “I had always said I would move to a city near my children.”

Beverly considered purchasing a condo in the Detroit area. However, she wanted to maintain the lifestyle she had been enjoying—full of friends and a vibrant social life. She realized that as a single person moving to a new place without a job, meeting people could be difficult. 

Then Beverly discovered Fox Run.

“When I came here to visit, my daughter said, ‘Look at this bulletin board with all of these different clubs and activities,’” Barbara says. “And the campus was lovely, so I realized [moving to Fox Run] was the best solution. Here, I can be totally independent; I can enjoy my children without being dependent on them.”

Built-in social life

At Fox Run, the Erickson Living community in Novi, home to about 1,000 active retirees, making new friends is easy. Beverly is a member of a book club and the Shalom group. She is also involved with the resident-run committee that organizes outings to the orchestra, theater, and other cultural attractions.

“You could be out of the community almost every day on some excursion,” Beverly says. “I do have to say I lucked out by moving here. My neighbors are highly educated people. The women as well as men had careers and always participated in things and they still want to.”

Continue the lifestyle you’re accustomed to

When she does want to take a break from her active life, Beverly has a lovely apartment home she can retreat to. Before she moved in, she worked with Fox Run’s custom interiors department to customize her home. She took out a wall to open the floor plan, added crown molding and granite counters, and upgraded the carpeting.  

“The decorators were terrific, and I only had to have one visit with them,” Beverly says. 

She says that Fox Run is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. One of her favorite elements is the sprawling manicured lawns and colorful landscaping. And she’s fond of being outside looking in at the glass-enclosed, all-season swimming pool.

“It’s lovely to sit out near the pool and read, and the best thing for me is I don’t have to worry about hiring a landscaper,” Beverly says.

“I think we have the most beautiful campus,” she adds.