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The comprehensive guide to life at Cedar Crest

Brochure highlights colorful photos, real residents, financial information

Created date

November 14th, 2014
Cedar Crest resident Esther Price (far right) may be posing for this shot, found on page 2 of Cedar Crest’s brochure, but she actually teaches water aerobics classes at the community. Here, she’s joined by neighbors Lydia Gaines (far left) and Helen Groth
Cedar Crest resident Esther Price (far right) may

Whether you want to learn about the vibrant lifestyle, amenity-rich campus, wellness opportunities, or cost of living at Crest, the community’s recently published new brochure has the answers.
A colorful guide of photographs and informational pages, the 38-page spiral-bound brochure gives a glimpse into life at the Pompton Plains, N.J., Erickson Living community, from various floor plans and specific financial information to realty and moving services and resident activities.
In-depth effort
Producing the brochure, which is free to anyone who requests it, entailed a yearlong effort by Erickson Living’s corporate sales and marketing departments and sales directors, sales counselors, and personal moving consultants from each of its communities.
Potential residents also gave input.
“We didn’t hold anything back,” says Erickson Living Copy Director Karen Walls. “We wanted the guide to answer the questions of potential residents and their adult children. We wanted them to be as well informed as possible so the decision they make is truly the right one for them.”
Each Erickson Living community has its own customized brochure that is reader-friendly so people can skim it for highlights or peruse it cover to cover.
Even more impressive, each person featured in the brochure is an actual Erickson Living resident, and the food pictured is real, prepared by Erickson Living chefs. The brochure gives a genuine impression of life at an Erickson Living community, Walls says.
You’ll find Esther Price, a Cedar Crest resident, on page 2. And while she’s posing for the shot, she actually teaches water aerobics classes.
Each brochure even features barcodes that readers can scan to hear testimonials from Erickson Living residents. All it takes is a QR code reader app on your smartphone or tablet computer.
All you need to know
“The brochure has all the information you could ever want to know,” says Joan Obermeyer, who volunteers as a resident ambassador with her husband John. They have lived at Cedar Crest for nearly four years and volunteered as ambassadors for two. As ambassadors, they greet potential residents, answer questions, and give tours during sales events.
“Aside from the brochure, there are so many people available to help you with your decision and the moving process,” Joan adds.
The resident ambassadors and sales events are like a living version of the brochure. “We give tours of the campus, show them the pool, the library—all the things that are available here to stay active,” Joan says.
“We answer questions and help them feel that they will fit in well here,” John adds.
While the brochure sparks interest, sales events bring everything to life and allow time to interact with people who live at Cedar Crest.
Esther, a fellow ambassador, says people are often surprised when she tells them Cedar Crest has more than 180 activities, “but it’s true,” she says. Esther not only has regular card games, dinners, and lunches with friends, she also teaches water aerobics and stretch-and-tone classes at the community.
When she moved there almost seven years ago, Cedar Crest didn’t have resident ambassadors. “I think it’s very helpful,” she says.
Esther answers questions about dining, activities, and conveniences like snow plowing in winter. She says people often ask about the on-site medical services, like the medical center and pharmacy. “I always give them a positive response because the services are very good, and it’s so convenient to have them right on campus.”
Joan says many people are concerned with their ability to make such a big change. “We help them understand that though it may seem difficult at first, it all falls into place and works out very well. There’s always someone around to socialize with and things to do,” she says.
“The time to move is now,” John says, “before you can’t utilize everything here or before someone has to make the decision for you. The longer you wait, the more difficult the decision is to make.”
The ambassadors say they consider the brochure a wonderful introduction to Cedar Crest and a great way to prepare for a campus visit.