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The comprehensive guide to life at Seabrook

Brochure highlights colorful photos, real residents, financial information

Created date

November 14th, 2014
As a resident ambassador, Lee Joslin brings Seabrook’s new brochure to life by answering questions about life at the Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., from people interested in moving there.
As a resident ambassador, Lee Joslin brings Seabro

Whether you want to learn about the vibrant lifestyle, amenity-rich campus, wellness opportunities, or cost of living at Erickson Living community, from various floor plans and specific financial information to realty and moving services and resident activities.
In-depth effort
Producing the brochure, which is free to anyone who requests it, entailed a yearlong effort by Erickson Living’s corporate sales and marketing department and sales directors, sales counselors, and personal moving consultants from each of its communities.
Potential residents also gave input.
“We didn’t hold anything back,” says Erickson Living Copy Director Karen Walls. “We wanted the guide to answer the questions of potential residents and their adult children. We wanted them to be as well informed as possible so the decision they make is truly the right one for them.”
Each Erickson Living community has its own customized brochure that is reader-friendly so people can skim it for highlights or peruse it cover to cover.
Even more impressive, each person featured in the brochure is an actual Erickson Living resident, and the food pictured is real, prepared by Erickson Living chefs. The brochure gives a genuine impression of life at an Erickson Living community, Walls says.
Each brochure even features barcodes that readers can scan to hear testimonials from Erickson Living residents. All it takes is a QR code reader app on your smartphone or tablet computer.
Everything in one place
When Lee Joslin started planning for her retirement in 2006, she requested information from Seabrook. What she received was a binder of information.
“This new brochure would have been wonderful, but it wasn’t available at the time,” says Lee, who moved after Hurricane Sandy to shed the worry of maintaining her oceanfront home in Belmar. “This new one is just beautiful, and I love all the pockets that you can put things in. It helps you keep all the information in one place.”
Lee also finds the floor plans and financial information very helpful. “You have to be able to visualize your life here,” she says.
Bringing the brochure to life
But the most effective resource? Resident testimonials and photos, like the ones featured throughout the brochure. “The best sales approach for me was with the people I sat with during a sales luncheon [resident ambassadors],” she says. “Any [information] you get from residents makes it real for you.”
Now a resident ambassador herself, Lee answers questions from people interested in moving to Seabrook. “I can talk to them about what it’s like to live here. People are enthusiastic about [asking questions] and finding out what life is like here,” she says.
Lee says she enjoys volunteering as an ambassador because “it’s easy for me to be enthusiastic about living here.”
Lee answers questions ranging from financial aspects like the monthly service package to food and activities to the medical center. “People worry about the financial aspects, but I assure them there is nothing hidden here. And the medical center is wonderful. I have the best doctor I have ever had here,” she says.
What are people most anxious about? Lee says the people she’s talked with are concerned about downsizing—what to do about belongings they’ve accumulated over they years.
“My advice? It’s hard, but you will be supported all along the way with wonderful resources,” she says, “from real estate services to packing and moving to furniture placement to clearing out your house.”