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Linden Ponds lifestyle is priceless

Retired CPA, current tax consultant gives thorough evaluation

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November 14th, 2014
Peter Chapman’s decision to live at Linden Ponds was based on the community’s financal strength and amenity-rich lifestyle.
Peter Chapman’s decision to live at Linden Ponds w

Peter Chapman and his wife moved to Linden Ponds, the Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass., from Cohasset in 2009. As a retired CPA, Peter naturally analyzed the cost of continuing to maintain his house versus moving to Linden Ponds to enjoy worry-free retirement.
Priceless value
Peter says that when comparing the cost of living in your house to living in a Linden Ponds apartment home, it’s important to account for all of the expenses bundled in the monthly service package. Linden Ponds residents don’t pay for things like property taxes, landscaping, snow shoveling, trash collection, and major repairs and replacements. The monthly service package even includes utilities (except telephone), basic cable, and a meal plan to be used at any of the community’s on-site restaurants.
Plus, Peter says there is significant intangible value that comes with living at Linden Ponds.
“The medical support system is right at your fingertips, with the medical center and EMTs that can respond in minutes—that is one big plus,” Peter says. “Second is that you just have an active lifestyle here. Chances are, you will be much more active than you were at home. A lot of studies have indicated that with an active lifestyle, you live longer, and how do you put a price tag on that?”
A few months after the Chapmans moved to Linden Ponds, Peter’s wife began to need assistance with daily tasks. Fortunately, Linden Ponds has an adjoining continuing care neighborhood, which she was able to move to with ease. Peter says he has dinner with his wife most nights, visits her frequently, and has the peace of mind of knowing she receives the care that she needs.
Comfortable home base
Meanwhile, Peter is able to live among a supportive community of friends and maintain an active and enriching lifestyle.
He continues to work part-time as an accounting and tax consultant from the office he set up in one of the spare bedrooms in his Williamsburg-style apartment home. He is a member of the men’s golf league, which hits a local course every Tuesday.
He also lends his expertise to the community’s finance committee, wellness committee, and the continuing care neighborhood committee.
And with a well-equipped, on-site fitness center, Linden Ponds has made it more convenient for Peter to stay physically fit.
“I try to go to the gym three times a week,” he says. “I do weights and the treadmill, and I love the hot tub.”
‘One big family’
Peter says three of his four children and all three of his grandchildren live in towns surrounding Hingham. That makes it easy for the family to get together often. Peter turned another one of his spare bedrooms into a convenient guest room for family members.
Because he is part of such a supportive community, Peter can enjoy his family but doesn’t have to depend on them because he continues to have an active and independent life at Linden Ponds. “A common complaint from [residents’] children is that they can’t get hold of their parents because they are so busy here,” Peter jokes.
Peter says that moving to Linden Ponds is the greatest decision he and his wife ever made: “Life here has been phenomenal. The people—both the staff and the residents—it’s just one big family. I must have 300 or 400 people who I consider my friends here.”