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Medical center welcomes new doc

Dr. Shabeta Sahore puts patients first

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November 20th, 2014
head shot of Fox Run's on-site medical doctor


There’s a friendly new face at Fox Run’s on-site medical center. Earlier this year, Dr. Shabeta Sahore joined the staff, which provides medical care exclusively to residents who live at the Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich. 

Sahore comes to Fox Run from a recently completed geriatrics fellowship at Wayne State. She attended medical school at the American University of the Caribbean and completed her internal medicine residency at St. Mary Hospital. Sahore earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. 

“During my training, I have had the opportunity to see many different types of patient populations and work in different systems,” Sahore says. “This has allowed me to develop my communication and interpersonal skills. Seeing older patients with [more than one medical condition] has allowed me to take into consideration function and quality of life as outcomes when treating patients.”

 ‘Like its own little city’

Sahore says working at Fox Run’s medical center appealed to her because everyone seemed so friendly and approachable when she visited the community for her interview. She says she was also struck by the vibrant lifestyle that residents enjoy.

“There are various activities and resources available to the residents, and I felt like Fox Run was its own little city,” Sahore says.

Having easy access to an on-site medical center is a unique amenity for Fox Run residents—and one that Sahore says can contribute to their good health. “Patients are not as worried because they know the medical center is not far if they need to be seen, and the availability is great,” she says. “Also, since the medical center is on-site, we are able to provide patients with other resources like social work, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy, and home support if they need it.”

Providing care through open communication

When patients come to an appointment with her, Sahore says they can expect a physician who is friendly as well as open and honest with them. She says she makes it a priority to spend the time it takes to discuss treatment plans and options with her patients. 

Sahore also says open communication is one of the key elements of her personal philosophy as a physician. “Oftentimes, things are not communicated to patients and their families, which can lead to frustrations,” she says.

Since she has specialized in geriatrics, Sahore is tuned in to the unique needs of older patients. She says she not only treats patients’ physical ailments but also takes the time to understand any mental health or social issues that could be impacting their overall well-being. Sahore says she always has her patients’ comfort and best interests at the forefront of her mind.

“I believe less is more with the older population,” she says. “I believe in providing quality care without having to put the patient on unnecessary medications or making them go through unnecessary testing. I believe in finding the right balance of treatment options with potential benefits.”  

Team of medical professionals

A team approach often results in the best outcomes for patients. That is why Sahore enjoys working at Fox Run, where she can collaborate with social workers, home support aides, and other medical professionals to come up with the best possible treatment options for her patients. 

“You also have to respect patient and family preferences and balance the burden of therapies with potential benefits,” Sahore says. “You have to balance the patient’s autonomy and safety.”