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A new do for Brinton Clubhouse

Lifecycle renovation rejuvenates neighborhood

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November 14th, 2014
At Maris Grove’s new wine bar, residents (from left) Angie Nestore, Rita Rudman, Irene Rubin, and Carla Lorenz relax before dinner and listen to music by two of their neighbors.
At Maris Grove’s new wine bar, residents (from lef

While Pennsylvania motorists ran the annual gauntlet of highway construction cones this summer, residents at Grove, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., only encountered a few signs reading, “Pardon Our Dust.”
The reason? Brinton Clubhouse was getting a makeover, officially a “lifecycle renovation.” Floors, walls, and ceilings; furniture and windows coverings; even artwork, accent pieces, and restrooms received fresh new looks.
Peggy Hoath lives in the Brinton neighborhood, so she saw the changes evolve each day. “The renovations are dramatic, upscale, and very classy,” she says.
Peggy favors the new, subtler color palette of light yellows, golds, and greens over the previous dark blue, gold, and rust tones. They look as fresh as a spring landscape.
Well planned
The effort was staggered to ensure minimal disruption to residents and took several months to accomplish, says Maris Grove Project Manager Barry Hurlock. It included new carpeting, flooring, and wallpaper throughout the first and second floors, which house amenities like the bank, medical center, fitness center, various meetings rooms, and a creative arts center.
Furniture in those areas was all reupholstered and some was reconfigured to provide easier access through heavily traveled public spaces. 
The restrooms sport new tile, brighter LED lighting, and updated mirrors.
Disruptive projects such as carpet installation were scheduled for after midnight.
Cozy gathering spaces
At the far end of the entrance lobby, a popular café and card-playing area outside Brinton Market was expanded and updated with new tabletops, chairs, and window coverings.
In another corner, crews transformed an unused space into an inviting den-like area for reading, conversation, or TV, and residents immediately began gathering on the comfy seating to chit-chat, read, or watch Jeopardy.
But the most noticeable change occurred in Brinton’s spacious living room, which gained a new gathering place when crews installed wood flooring and a curving wine bar at one end of the room.
The bar’s modern styling, trendy lighting, and nearby baby grand piano foretell lots of musical happy hours.
The project’s final phase involved building scaffolding and installing large wooden art pieces at the top of the grand staircase.
Brinton’s Millstone Restaurant received its makeover two years ago, and Cardinal Clubhouse got some tweaking earlier this year, all part of an ongoing process to incorporate interior design trends that people find most appealing today.
“Living with our current décor and subsequently doing the lifecycle renovations gives us insights for the next renovations,” says Hurlock. “We stay aware of what’s new in the marketplace that we could use in future projects.”
Lifecycle renovations take place on a continuing basis at each of Erickson Living’s 17 communities. Its 18th community, Lantern Hill in New Providence, N.J., will open in 2015.