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Out with the old, in with the new

Keystone Clubhouse gets a makeover

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November 14th, 2014
Garden Room Hostess Kelly Pullman (left) and Service Manager Barbara Perillo prepare to welcome Ann’s Choice diners to the newly renovated restaurant.
Garden Room Hostess Kelly Pullman (left) and Servi

The wait is over, the work is complete, and the reviews are in.
Residents and staff at Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., all applaud the extensive updates completed this summer in Keystone Clubhouse.
Keystone is the third of three neighborhoods at Ann’s Choice.
“The old décor was homey but dated,” says Nancy Bulera, president of the Resident Advisory Council. “The oranges, dark blues, and golds reminded me of Colonial colors.”
The new palette of silvery blues, grays, and touches of beige convey a different tone. “Now it’s contemporary and very inviting,” Nancy says.
Modern makeover
Officially termed “lifecycle renovations,” similar makeovers occur on a continuing basis at all Erickson Living communities, and they go far beyond new color schemes.
Patty Petersen, project manager at Ann’s Choice, oversaw the Keystone makeover.
“The goal is to modernize and stay fresh and current with today’s trends,” she says. “As styles change, we change to stay up to date with an appearance that our residents and future residents expect to see.”
Keystone Clubhouse is the activity hub for the Keystone neighborhood, so lots of venues were updated. But work was scheduled to disrupt residents as little as possible.
Nancy lives in the Keystone neighborhood. “They carpeted entire hallways overnight, carpeted the entire restaurant over two nights, and the entire first floor overnight,” she says. “The transformation the next morning was amazing!”
Six hallways in two residence buildings adjacent to the clubhouse also got new carpeting. And fresh paint lightened those hallway walls as well as the clubhouse walls.
Furniture received makeovers, too. Petersen and company replaced all 250 restaurant chairs and reupholstered 219 other pieces of furniture in the clubhouse.
A fresh look for the Garden Room
The biggest change occurred in Garden Room Restaurant. Work crews removed eight winged walls and six columns that had sectioned off one area.
“It was a huge project and one of the best decisions we made,” says Carol Fedele, Keystone facilities manager. “Now it’s completely open and looks much bigger. Residents love it.”
They’re also enamored with the restaurant’s new window treatments. “Everyone says how elegant they are,” Fedele says. Nancy says they suggest drapery in a Venetian castle.
Downstairs, the lobby desk now boasts a granite counter. And the café area at the far end of the lobby is defined by beautiful toasted-oak wide-plank flooring. It’s a popular spot for card playing, conversation, or simply enjoying the view of a stately gazebo and a beautifully planted courtyard.
“Carol wanted a fun, colorful café atmosphere there,” says Petersen. “She has her finger on the pulse of what residents like. So when we picked out fabrics for the awnings and chairs with our interior designer and upholsterer, her input was important.”
The overall project was a team effort. Planning included representatives from nearly every department at Ann’s Choice and numerous consultations with its interior designer.
“But we don’t make decisions based on what we like,” Petersen says. “It’s what residents like and what will make Ann’s Choice a beautiful and comfortable place to live.”

The updates at Ann’s Choice never stop.
Besides the recent renovations in Keystone Clubhouse, Rose Gardens—the continuing care neighborhood at Ann’s Choice—also received updates.
The second floor got new carpeting and tile last year and new upholstery this year. The first and third floors received new-everything this year, from carpeting and tile to paint, wallpaper, and upholstery.
Next year, Village Clubhouse gets a turn.
Village Clubhouse was the first of three neighborhoods at Ann’s Choice. When renovations there are complete, those for Liberty Commons Clubhouse in the second neighborhood will be scheduled.
The community’s ongoing commitment to comprehensive upkeep and maintenance is an important reason people choose Ann’s Choice for their ideal home.