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‘Time to make life a little easier’

Silver Spring couple trades snow shovels for socializing

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December 17th, 2014
photo of a resident couple in the on-site restaurant

“I can’t wait for the first snowfall,” Marilyn Miller says. 

Her eagerness for the arrival of winter might seem peculiar, considering last year’s extreme weather. But, Marilyn lives at

Riderwood’s amenities include an on-site medical center, state-of-the-art fitness center, heated indoor pool and Jacuzzi, convenience store, salon, and bank. 

Residents don’t have to make frequent trips to the grocery store because they can enjoy meals with friends at one of the community’s five on-site restaurants. 

When you live at Riderwood, you don’t risk becoming isolated during cold winter weather because there’s a full lineup of social activities, lectures, club meetings, parties, and special events, all just a short indoor walk from your own front door. 

With so many amenities under one roof, Riderwood residents get to enjoy winter’s beauty while nestled in the comfort of their own homes or gathered by one of the stately fireplaces in the clubhouses. 

Say goodbye to your snow shovel

Marilyn and her husband Ray moved to Riderwood in October—just in time to avoid the cold-weather hassles they endured last year. The Millers previously lived in a house in Silver Spring, where they had been for 26 years. 

“It was getting to be too much to keep up the house and the yard with the snow and shoveling, so we thought it was time to make life a little easier,” Marilyn says. “We decided we should move now so our children wouldn’t have to make that decision for us.”

The Millers selected a custom apartment home at Riderwood. The spacious units are formed by combining two one-bedroom apartments. 

“We have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a den, so my husband still has his office,” Marilyn says. 

Enjoy dinner with friends every night

Having lived in Silver Spring for many years, Marilyn and Ray were very familiar with Riderwood before they moved to the community. Marilyn says several people they knew from their church or their neighborhood had already moved to Riderwood, so they had ample opportunities to visit before moving there.

“We are very pleased to be here,” Marilyn says. “It keeps us in our own backyard; we go to the same church and the same shopping centers.”

Even though the Millers already knew some of their neighbors, Marilyn says that since moving in they’ve become acquainted with even more people. She says that her new neighbors are warm and welcoming, making it easy to form friendships. 

“Just on our floor, we’ve been invited out to dinner with several people,” Marilyn says. “You get a group together to eat with, and then you meet new people. We’ve already done that with three different people from our floor who wanted to have dinner with us.”

In addition to getting to know her neighbors over dinner at Riderwood’s on-site restaurants, Marilyn says she’s enjoying another perk at dinnertime: “They take good care of you here. The food is great. Not having to do all the cooking and cleaning is another big benefit.”