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Large and small

Fox Run’s size and structure much like a friendly neighborhood

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December 19th, 2014
residents in front of indoor restaurant

Fox Run, an Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich., is home to about 1,000 active retirees. While the community is large enough to attract a diverse population and support a wide array of leisure activities and amenities, in many ways, Fox Run resembles a small and friendly neighborhood.

That’s certainly the case for Lydia Mayo, who moved to Fox Run from Livonia, Mich., in 2006. As luck would have it, Lydia’s next-door neighbor at Fox Run is Cary Ormond—the two women lived next door to one another for 32 years while they were raising their families in Livonia. They were close friends, and their children knew one another well. Lydia says the two families would sometimes visit Ann Arbor together. 

‘If I moved to Fox Run, life would be much easier’

Lydia had been living in a four-bedroom colonial style house. After her husband passed away, she says, keeping up the house and the yard started to become a burden. She visited Fox Run and had the chance to see Cary’s apartment home; she decided she no longer needed so much extra space.

“At my house, I realized that I lived only in my kitchen, family room, and bedroom,” Lydia says. “I had a lot of trees, so I had to get someone to take care of that. I thought if I moved to Fox Run, life would be much easier—and it is. I just think this kind of senior living is the best.”

In addition to Cary, Lydia discovered several other people from her old neighborhood were also living at Fox Run. 

For the Mayos, living at Fox Run has become a family affair. About a year ago, Lydia’s brother-in-law Bob Mayo also moved to the community. The two sometimes have dinner together at one of the community’s on-site restaurants. Lydia says it’s nice to have a member of the family living at Fox Run.

“My husband was his younger brother, so there are memories only he and I have,” Lydia says. 

‘You meet people really easily’

Over the years she’s lived at Fox Run, Lydia has formed many close friendships. She says making new friends is easy because everyone is in the same stage of life and open to getting to know their neighbors.

“When you first come in, it’s like entering the dorm in college—you meet people really easily,” Lydia says. 

Lydia stays very active at Fox Run, which she says is easy to do because of the wide variety of clubs and events available. She served for three years on the Resident Advisory Council, a group that serves as a liaison between residents and management. 

“I enjoyed it because you got to see how multifaceted running a place like this is,” Lydia says.

Currently, Lydia volunteers as the facilitator of a current events group, in which residents get together to discuss recent news headlines. 

She belongs to the continuous learning committee that coordinates on-campus speakers to educate residents and engage them in discussion. Recently, the group hosted a local professor who shared insights on the mid-term elections. 

Lydia also serves on the entertainment committee, which organizes musical performances in Fox Run’s auditorium

“We had the Michigan Philharmonic here recently, and people loved it,” Lydia says. 

Fox Run has an in-house TV studio, and Lydia works on the crew interviewing other residents about their pets. She’s also a member of a book club. From time to time, she joins her neighbors for outings in Detroit to see an opera or musical.

“We just have tons of things to do here; there’s no end to the activities. I enjoy it, and it keeps me out of trouble. It keeps me from spending money shopping,” Lydia quips. 

Ideal haven from winter

In addition to all of the fun to be had at Fox Run, Lydia says she appreciates the convenient lifestyle, particularly during the cold and snowy winter months. Residents no longer have to worry about things like freezing pipes or shoveling snow because the Fox Run staff takes care of all building maintenance. 

When the roads are bad, as they were last winter with the high amount of snowfall, residents don’t have to worry about driving to doctors’ appointments or to the grocery store. 

They can eat their meals in Fox Run’s on-site restaurants, and there’s a medical center just a short indoor walk from their own front doors. 

Other amenities like a bank, salon, fitness center, and heated indoor pool are among the many conveniences residents can enjoy. And when you live at Fox Run, you don’t run the risk of becoming isolated during extreme winter weather because there’s always something to do—and people to do it with—right down the hall.

“We had snow today, and I looked at it and said, ‘It is what it is,’ because I don’t have to drive anywhere—I’ve got all my friends right here,” Lydia says. “You can still be a vital person and involved in life at Fox Run. I highly recommend this kind of living.”