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A place of support and friendship

The blessing of Maris Grove’s continuum of care

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December 16th, 2014
Warren Given and his dog Duncan sit surrounded by some of the nurses, aides, program staff, and housekeeping staff who cared for his wife Jean at Rose Court, Maris Grove’s continuing care neighborhood.
Warren Given and his dog Duncan sit surrounded by

Maris Grove resident Warren Given has a message for people over 60: now is the time to move from the hassles of home ownership to a worry-free lifestyle at Erickson Living’s community in Delaware County, Pa. 

“You don’t have to leave your former life behind,” he says. “You can even continue to work. But you’ll become part of Maris Grove’s large extended family, and you’ll build support and friendships for the future.”  

In his 60s, Warren didn’t know what the future would bring. If not for Maris Grove, he knows now what could have happened. 

“If I had lived in my own house and got sick and couldn’t drive, or my spouse got sick and I was the caregiver, my neighbors would help but only for a while,” he says. “If I had no family in the area, I would have become a prisoner in my home.”

But Warren and his wife Jean moved from Broomall to Maris Grove when it opened in 2006, about the time Jean began having trouble running the household. 

“I knew that moving would make Jean’s life easier,” Warren says. It made both their lives easier.

Jean no longer had to cook dinner and could walk to campus activities. She joined the Wednesday crafts group, and Warren joined the camera club.

The Givens also switched from their former doctor to a staff physician at Maris Grove’s on-site, full-service medical center, and Warren started handling the checkbook. At Maris Grove, a single check covers all the amenities and utilities, except telephone, in the couple’s monthly service package. And unlike homeowner utility bills that fluctuate with the seasons, the fee stays the same all year.

Maris Grove’s financial structure provides additional security—its 90% refundable entrance deposit, detailed in the Residence and Care Agreement, protects a resident’s hard-earned savings.  

Wraparound support

As Jean’s condition worsened, Warren became her full-time caregiver. She eventually moved to Rose Court, Maris Grove’s on-campus rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood, where she received the best of care from a supportive team of health care and program professionals. 

Rose Court is a cheerful, sunny place with open visiting hours. 

Conversation and laughter echo through the wide hallways, whose décor gives visitors the sense they’re walking through a small-town neighborhood. 

Each Rose Court resident has a private room, and each floor features a family room-like activity space and a dining room that resembles a tearoom or courtyard restaurant.

And Rose Court’s care and expertise are also available to people who don’t live at Maris Grove. 

Warren visited Jean every day and ate all his holiday meals at Rose Court with her. 

Maris Grove residents visit often, some to see their former neighbors and others to volunteer. 

Rose Court’s program staff provides a diverse mix of activities for all of its residents, including those receiving skilled nursing care as Jean did during most of her five-year stay. 

Such wraparound support shifted a huge burden from Warren’s shoulders, and his caring Maris Grove neighbors lifted his spirits. At Jean’s memorial service, they nearly filled the campus chapel.

“The loss of a loved one is devastating, but you have to move on in a place of love and caring,” Warren says. “Maris Grove is that place. Being here extends your life.”