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Priorities matter

Judy Baxter on the important first step toward moving to Tallgrass Creek

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December 19th, 2014
couple taking a picture with sales counselor

If you ask Judy Baxter what she likes most about being Creek’s sales counselor and personal moving consultant, her answer comes quickly. 

“I’ve had the utmost pleasure of working with almost every resident from the time they begin thinking about a move to Tallgrass Creek to the actual move itself,” says Baxter, who has been with Tallgrass Creek since it was first under construction in 2007. “My position here has brought many wonderful people into my life.”  

When people first start considering Tallgrass Creek as their retirement choice, one of the first steps is to meet with Baxter and learn about the priority list, comprised of people who plan to move to an Erickson Living community. All it takes to join is a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150-per-person, nonrefundable application fee. When prospective residents submit their deposit, that date is noted as their priority list date. Once their preferred floor plan becomes available, the sales team gives first right of refusal to priority list members based on their priority date. 

With the addition of Meadowlark Terrace, Tallgrass Creek’s beautiful residence building that recently opened, the priority list has become even more important. We recently caught up with Baxter for a conversation about this important first step.

Why is the priority list so important?

Baxter: In one word: planning. It allows both potential residents and Tallgrass Creek to plan an organized and thoughtful move. Though we can also do a quick turnaround move, having additional time allows future residents to go through their belongings and, using their new floor plan, carefully decide what to bring. 

From Tallgrass Creek’s standpoint, decisions about future development depend on many factors, including the number of prospective residents on the priority list.  

Once I join the priority list, can I extend my time if I’m not ready to move when my name moves to the top?

Baxter: Yes. You can extend your time on the priority list for as long as you need. Sometimes, people’s houses have not sold, so more time is needed. Or, the priority list member may not be ready for a move. Everyone’s situation is unique, and we can accommodate that. 

What happens if I cancel my position on the list?

Baxter: No problem. Your priority list deposit of $1,000 is returned with the exception of the $150 nonrefundable application fee. 

How long is the priority list?

Baxter: It’s always long, which is why we suggest reserving a spot. For instance, the apartment homes in Meadowlark Terrace were almost 100% filled from the priority list. 

When I visit Tallgrass Creek initially, am I pressured to join the priority list?

Baxter: Absolutely not. We let prospects know details about the priority list, but there is no pressure. We know comfort level is very important, and we strive to make sure prospective residents always feel comfortable in any meeting with our staff. 

Are there other reasons to join the priority list?

Baxter: Oh, yes. Priority list members are the first to know of available apartments and are often asked to participate in focus groups as we plan for the community’s future. 

Our sales staff frequently hosts fun social events, and priority list members are always included. Prospective residents have enjoyed events such as our blues and barbecue bash, wellness seminars, home resources expos, dining events such as the Taste of Tallgrass Creek, and much more. 

Tours are always included during these events as well as discussions with current residents. And priority list members get a taste of the wonderful, creative food prepared by our dining services team. You really get a feeling for what life at Tallgrass Creek is like.