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Staying healthy

Riderwood residents work healthy living into their daily lifestyle

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December 17th, 2014
photo of a low-impact fitness class

Research shows that regular exercise is one of the key components to longevity and staying healthy as you age. Lucille Kerner is a living, breathing testament to that research. The sprightly 85-year-old swims almost every morning and regularly rides a stationary bike.

“I feel like a different person when I exercise,” Lucille says. “Sitting around too much doesn’t get your blood moving or your breathing going.”

A fully equipped gym at your home

Lucille lives at

“They really stress exercise and staying physically active here,” Lucille says of Riderwood’s culture. “It’s supposed to keep your mind sharp as well.”

Lucille has been into fitness for many years. She says she used to bike five miles before she went to work in the morning and has been an avid tennis player. She won a women’s tennis tournament at Riderwood the first three years that she lived at the community. 

Lucille says that having access to fitness experts who are trained to work with older adults has helped her stay physically fit as she gets older.

“The fitness rooms are well equipped and [Wellness Coordinators] Lindsey and Tracy are great,” Lucille says. “They are very patient and understanding, and if you have just had a hip surgery or other surgery, they warn you not to do certain exercises. They are extremely aware because of the age group that they are dealing with every day. You can take private instruction if you want to, or they have a wide choice of group classes that you can do.”

The easiest exercise of all built into your day

Many Riderwood residents stay in shape by walking every day. The community’s buildings connect by heated indoor walkways, so residents can log quite a few steps just by walking to and from their apartment homes to dinner, meetings, and events and activities in the clubhouses. 

When the weather is nice, many residents walk outside on Riderwood’s picturesque, tree-lined trails. But when winter comes, they don’t have to suspend their fitness routines.

Resident Lavern Allen says she aims to hit 10,000 steps each day.

“When the weather is bad or when it’s extremely cold, I just walk inside,” Lavern says.

In addition to her walking routine, Lavern also participates in strength training, yoga, and water aerobics classes every week through Riderwood’s fitness center. She says she has done water aerobics and yoga for several years, but living at Riderwood makes it easy to stay committed to her fitness routine.

“The fact that I can do the classes right here is really great,” Lavern says. “I don’t have to leave the house if the weather is bad. It works really well for me.” 

An entire community supporting your health

To encourage even more residents to take advantage of the exercise amenities at Riderwood, the community recently hosted a “health and fitness week.”

“This week-long event encourages residents to adopt healthy lifestyles; stay physically active; and socialize while attending various classes, services, and presentations given by Riderwood staff members and outside professionals,” Lead Wellness Coordinator Lindsey Drabczyk says.

Lucille says she took advantage of health and fitness week by attending sessions on meditation as well as fall prevention. At the latter, she says, experts discussed things like how certain medications and poorly placed rugs can make older adults more prone to falling.