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Ask the sales counselor

Lantern Hill’s Kathy Banks on the priority list, predictable expenses, and taking the next step

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January 22nd, 2015
Sales Counselor Kathy Banks answers telling questions about Lantern Hill.
Sales Counselor Kathy Banks answers telling questi

New Providence, N.J., is abuzz about Lantern Hill. Construction is well under way on the community, which will open this fall offering small-town charm and amenities, as well as a full continuum of care right on campus. Sales Counselor Kathy Banks recently sat down with the Tribune to share tips for securing the most desirable apartment homes and the easiest way to experience all that Lantern Hill has to offer.

Q: Why is the lifestyle Lantern Hill offers so appealing?

A: First, our location is unique. Lantern Hill is situated in this beautiful part of New Jersey with easy access to Manhattan. And we have many cultural and musical opportunities right here in our trio of towns between New Providence, Summit, and Berkeley Heights. 

Second, the lifestyle in general is attractive because it’s self-contained—everything is right here on campus, including dining, fitness, cultural activities, not to mention the companionship of friends and neighbors.   

Q: What are the financial implications of moving to Lantern Hill?

A: There are two main components. First, we have a refundable entrance deposit, which is 90% refundable. 

Second, we have a monthly service package, which truly includes everything that a homeowner normally pays each month. It neatly bundles all utilities, including cable, Internet, and phone; a flexible dining plan; use of all amenities, including housekeeping and underground parking; property taxes; and home maintenance. 

Q: What percentage is Lantern Hill reserved, and what do you expect when it opens this fall?

A: The 161 apartment homes in phase one, which will open this fall, are fully reserved.

It’s important to note how quickly phase one sold out. We started accepting reservations September 15 and reserved the last one the day before Thanksgiving—nearly two months ahead of schedule. We expect the next phase of apartment homes to sell out just as quickly once we start accepting reservations. 

Q: How can prospective residents get the apartment they want? 

A: The only way to reserve an apartment home is to join the priority list. All it takes to join the priority list is a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150-per-person nonrefundable application fee. When prospective residents submit their deposit, that date is noted as their priority list date. As apartment homes become available, the sales team gives first right of refusal to priority list members based on their joining date. 

For those already on the priority list, it’s important to take advantage of our call to come in and reserve an apartment home because we fully anticipate the next phase of homes to sell quickly.

If you’re not on the priority list, join! It gives you the opportunity to learn about new construction and choose an apartment home when you’re ready.

Q: Are there other benefits to joining the priority list aside from securing the apartment they want?

Priority list members receive invitations to exclusive events and have lots of opportunities to meet their future neighbors. 

Another great benefit is that once you join the priority list, you can transfer to any other Erickson Living community at any time. That’s been helpful for people who are coming to Lantern Hill from another Erickson Living community. They joined before Lantern Hill was a reality, but they are at the top of the list and have first choice on apartment homes. 

Whether you want to move now or years from now, the priority list is the best way to plan for the future.  

Q: How can prospective residents get a feel for the Lantern Hill lifestyle?

A: Anybody can visit the sales center, where you can watch construction and get your questions answered. We have virtual tours of apartment homes, as well as video testimonials from some of our future residents.  

Q: What is the next step for someone who’s interested in moving to Lantern Hill?

A: Come in, meet with one of our sales associates, and get a feel for what life will be like at Lantern Hill. If you think it’s for you, join the priority list. It’s fully refundable if you change your mind.