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Eliminating life’s what-ifs

Jack and Lori Curry on the best gift they gave to their children

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January 16th, 2015
Lori and Jack Curry together in their home at Ann’s Choice in front of a photo of their children and grandchildren.
Lori and Jack Curry together in their home at Ann’

Jack and Lori Curry have lived the Choice lifestyle since 2007. If she could, “I’d gather people in from the highways and byways [to live here, too],” Lori says. 

She tells everyone that moving to EricksonLiving’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., is the best present they can give to their children. 

The refundable entrance deposit at Ann’s Choice, a guaranteed 90%, played a role in the Currys’ decision to move there.

But the community mainly appealed because of its location: it’s close to three of the couple’s four children and is just seven miles from where they’d lived in Dresher. 

They still attend church in Dresher, and they make frequent trips to their old neighborhood to stay connected with friends.

At the same time, because of the Currys’ enthusiasm for Ann’s Choice, a number of their friends have moved there, too. Every Saturday night, at Jack’s teasing insistence, a number of them gather for dinner together in one of the four on-site restaurants.

Life lessons

Both his mother and Lori’s mother, and for a time his father, lived with the Currys. “We did that lovingly and willingly,” says Lori. “But life has changed. Our children are working people. They and their children lead active lives. We saw the potential of becoming a burden on them and didn’t want that.”

For the same reason, she and Jack changed from their previous doctors to Ann’s Choice staff physicians who practice at the full-service campus medical center and treat only Ann’s Choice residents.

When the Currys told their children they were moving to Ann’s Choice, the kids were at first surprised. 

“They think their parents are too young to live at a retirement community,” says Lori. “But we believe they’re silently grateful. When we shared what our lives are like here, they told us they were happy that we’re happy.”

What winter worries? 

Jack says he knows the children would have worried about his and Lori’s ability to get around in winter. 

Last year’s unceasing snow and ice storms reinforced the couple’s feelings about not becoming a burden. “In winter, we take advantage of being safely indoors,” Lori says.

They read, get together with friends, and keep up their activities. And regardless of weather, Jack’s campus card games, committee meetings, and volunteer commitments continue. 

Lori’s weekly volunteer activities at Rose Gardens, the community’s rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood on campus, go on also. When the weather is too cold to venture out on foot, the campus shuttle takes her there.

While apartment styles become available frequently, Ann’s Choice is over 95% sold out, so the Currys recommend planning now to move. 

Lori says you’ll give your children, and yourself, the best gift you can give: “Moving to Ann’s Choice takes care of all life’s potential what-ifs.”