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Inside scoop

Ambassadors offer prospective residents insight into the Oak Crest lifestyle

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January 29th, 2015
resident ambassadors posing with staff members

If you want the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live at Crest, just ask John and Marylynn Roberts. The Towson, Md., couple moved to Oak Crest four years ago and have been sharing their experience with prospective residents as ambassadors for the community ever since. 

“We talk about how happy we are to be here, offer tips on downsizing and selling your house, and encourage people to get on the waiting list now so that when the time is right for them they can move forward,” says John. 

Trusted source

Oak Crest’s ambassador program is a way for prospective residents to go straight to the source: the people who already call the Parkville, Md., Erickson Living community home. They can ask questions centered around food, social calendars, and what it really means to live on campus. 

John and Marylynn are among a group of 50 Oak Crest residents who volunteer to speak at luncheons and special events and open their homes for guests to tour. 

 “We are enthusiastic and happy to jump in and help whenever we are able to,” says John. 

John and Marylynn had such a positive experience moving to Oak Crest that they were eager to share their story with others.

“We were in our house for 40 years,” says John. “We followed the advice of the sales staff, and we used a real estate agent they recommended. Our house ended up selling in 13 days in a tough market, so we are believers! 

“As tough as it was to downsize, it was strangely liberating,” he adds. “We haven’t really missed anything we got rid of. We are so happy at Oak Crest we know we did the right thing.”

Ernie and Elizabeth Rehmeyer moved to Oak Crest from Joppatowne three years ago and became ambassadors not long after settling in.

“We enjoy being a part of it. It’s fun!” says Ernest. “We open our apartment up for tours a few times a year. We also speak at some of the marketing events they have here on campus. We try to convey to people considering moving here just how much we like living at Oak Crest. 

“People ask a lot of questions and always want to know what there is to do here. I can definitely speak to that,” he says. “We have tons of clubs, entertainment, etc. We were very active before we moved, and we have been able to keep up that same lifestyle here at Oak Crest.”

Valuable insight

Oak Crest Sales Associate Jordan Blades says the ambassador program has been popular with residents because they are able to share their story and speak from the heart. 

“Ambassadors make a huge impact on our guests at Oak Crest,” says Blades. “They provide an insight and testimony to the worry-free and happy lives that our residents experience. Who better to learn from than those who already enjoy the Oak Crest lifestyle?”

Ambassador Barbara Zorn says when she was considering moving to Oak Crest, her interaction with Oak Crest ambassadors helped her get off the fence four years ago. 

“I attended a luncheon and was seated at a table with a lovely couple who had lived at the community for many years,” says Barbara. “They talked about how they were very active but still didn’t feel compelled to do anything other than what they wanted to do. I had done a lot of research beforehand, but my decision was made that day because of that couple’s satisfaction and affirmation of the lifestyle here.”

Now Barbara pays that positive encounter forward by sharing her firsthand experience as an Oak Crest resident. 

“I am able to answer questions people might not feel comfortable asking Erickson Living employees,” says Barbara. “And I’m also able to affirm that what the sales staff tells them is true and accurate information.”

Barbara says she is confident she made the right decision.

“I am much happier and more active now that I live in a worry-free environment,” she says. “I want others to know they can have the same positive results when they move here, too.”

As far as complaints go, John says he and Marylynn are hard-pressed to come up with something.  

“Marylynn usually tells people the worst thing about living here is the food is too good, and we’ve gained weight since moving here,” says John.