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It’s never too early to start

Plan now for a quick and successful house sale

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January 16th, 2015
Jennifer Kohan is Lantern Hill’s personal moving consultant.
Jennifer Kohan is Lantern Hill’s personal moving c

Even though Lantern Hill won’t be move-in ready until fall, Personal Moving Consultant Jennifer Kohan has already helped over 200 people begin preparing for their move to the New Providence, N.J., community. 

Kohan says it’s never too early to start planning. Here, she explains how to get ready now:

Q. Is there a definite spring or fall market anymore, or is any time a good time to put your house on the market? 

Kohan: While real estate activity picks up in the spring and fall with more houses being for sale, over the past few years, we have seen homes listed and sold all throughout the year. This somewhat diminishes the idea that there is a definite spring or fall market. 

Additionally, buyers looking during times other than the spring or fall tend to be more motivated and highly qualified. 

Q. It’s cold and nasty outside in January and February. What can people do inside to get their house shipshape for the real estate market? 

Kohan: Cold weather months are the perfect time to meet with your personal moving consultant and create your timeline. Buy your supplies, trash bags, boxes, tape, labels, and stickers so that you have everything you need. 

Call donation sites and schedule pickups to put on the calendar. Then work toward these dates. Schedule two-hour increments of sorting through belongings so that you are not overtired. Turn on some music and make it a pleasant experience. Begin in a room less used, such as your guest room, and tackle the closet and dresser drawers. Then move on to all closets, one at a time. Save the master bedroom closet for last.  

This is also a good time to do inside home improvement projects in preparation for putting a house on the market. Projects like painting, pulling up carpets, and refinishing hardwood floors are great things to get out of the way.  

You may need family members to assist, or ask your personal moving consultant for a referral to a professional downsizer. 

Q. What services do you provide to make this easier?

Kohan: I provide a team of professionals who can help with these projects—organizers and senior move managers to help sort, clean out, donate, and sell belongings, as well as painters and wood flooring companies that are reliable and well known in the area to get the jobs done in an affordable way. 

I also can recommend trusted real estate agents to help make that decision easier as well.

Q. What can you tell people who are having a hard time parting with certain belongings to make it easier? 

Kohan: Some belongings hold a lot of sentimental value and are more difficult to part with than others.  I recommend, first, to try and decide how to display or enjoy it in your new Lantern Hill home. 

If the belonging isn’t going to be enjoyed at Lantern Hill, perhaps a family member will bring it to their home or consider preserving the sentiment without preserving the actual item—some people take photographs or make collages of these kinds of things so that they can hold onto the special feelings those items evoke while taking up much less space.

Moving and putting your house on the market is a process, but it’s a doable one with the right resources and support. For more information about moving services, contact the Lantern Hill sales office at 1-800-989-4951.



The 3Ps 

Get your house on the market in just three months

Some houses may not take that much preparation to get onto the market.  A house does not have to be completely downsized to market, but the rooms need to be decluttered, depersonalized, and freshened up so that they shine. Your personal moving consultant will customize a timeline according to your needs and wants.

Month 1: Plan

• Work with the personal moving consultant to determine layout of your new apartment home at Lantern Hill. This will help determine what furniture and items will be brought to Lantern Hill.

• Work with your personal moving consultant to determine what services and help are needed, and meet the team of professionals to help begin the downsizing process.

• Choose the real estate agent to sell your home.

Month 2: Prepare

• Choose and hire Lantern Hill’s recommended team of professionals to help begin the downsizing process—organizer, senior move manager, estate sale agent.

• Choose and hire recommended professionals to complete home repairs and improvements.

• Downsize and declutter. Take unwanted items to estate sales, donation sites.

Month 3: Put your house on the market!

• Work with the real estate agent to complete home staging in order to best showcase your property to the largest audience of buyers.

• List your house.