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A lifestyle that makes sense

Amenities, affordability, security shine at Ann’s Choice

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January 16th, 2015
A member of the Ann’s Choice grounds crew clears snow on campus. Residents say they retire their snowplows, shovels, and Yellow Pages when they move here.
A member of the Ann’s Choice grounds crew clears s

Choice offers so many amenities and is so affordable that it just makes sense to move there. So says Bob Swan, who with his wife Lyn moved from nearby Warminster to EricksonLiving’s community in Bucks County, Pa., ten years ago. 

“When we moved in, we chose a home that our combined Social Security would cover with $100 left over each month,” he says. 

Great value

Now and again on their travels, the Swans have met people who live at other Erickson Living communities. “The word gets around that Erickson has nice campuses, and they’re a good value,” Bob says. 

A prime example of that is the 90% refundable entrance deposit (the Residence and Care Agreement has all the details). 

Ann’s Choice provides personal security as well, in the form of its 24/7 security team. So when the Swans take their annual vacation to Aruba, for example, they don’t worry about their belongings at home. They simply lock their door and off they go. 

Lyn has a similar sense of security when Bob travels to conferences of organizations he belongs to. She’s on her own but never lonely because of her many activities and campus neighbors. 

Easily accessible medical care

Should she become ill, she can see an Ann’s Choice staff physician or nurse practitioner on short notice, and her appointment will be on campus in the community’s full-service medical center.

The Swans use Ann’s Choice staff physicians for their primary care doctors. Because the medical center stores records electronically, the couple’s medical records are readily accessible should they need medical care when they’re traveling.

The Swans spend the winter at Ann’s Choice. Having moved from a large property, Bob well remembers clearing their driveway with his snowplow. 

Now the Ann’s Choice grounds crew keeps the roads, walkways, and parking lots clear while Bob does things he enjoys.

Life couldn’t be more carefree.