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Lunch bunch celebrates 50 years

Local pub proves to be the group’s ideal monthly meeting spot

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January 16th, 2015
Linden Ponds resident Mary Roever and her friends have been meeting for lunch every month for 50 years. The lively ladies, who all have backgrounds as dancers and theater performers, come to lunch dressed in costumes that coordinate with holidays taking p
Linden Ponds resident Mary Roever and her friends

If you’re having lunch at the Linden Ponds pub on the first Tuesday of the month, you’re likely to notice a lively group of animated women dressed in colorful costumes. The women are friends of Mary Roever, who lives at the Hingham, Mass., Erickson Living community. And they have been meeting for lunch once a month for 50 years.

The women, all musical theater performers and dancers, met when they shared the stage many years ago at the Hingham Civic Music Theatre. “We started to go to lunch after rehearsal, and we just kept it up,” Mary says.

Ideal meeting spot

In their younger days, the women would meet at a different restaurant every month. But Mary says choosing different restaurants became a hassle, so the gang settled on a new tradition.

“When I moved here to Linden Ponds, we fell in love with the pub and decided to have our lunches here,” Mary says. 

The ladies tend to linger after their meal, often playing games, singing around the piano or celebrating one of their birthdays. Since they can spend as much time as they like at the Linden Ponds pub, it’s the perfect spot to meet and catch up over the course of an afternoon.

“We have our own waitress here,” Mary says. The same waitress serves them every Tuesday and has gotten to know the group. “This past Tuesday, she brought us all a mini loaf of banana bread that she made for us.”

Mary moved to Linden Ponds from a house in Hingham five years ago. She says she started thinking about moving after her husband passed away, and taking care of the house started to become a burden. 

Mary has two adult children, four grandchildren, as well as some great-grandchildren. She says her family has peace of mind knowing that she lives in a safe community where she doesn’t have to deal with the hassles of maintaining a big house.

“You have to move on,” Mary says. “I think I did my children a big favor by coming here.” 

The world’s a stage

Since Mary and her friends all have performance backgrounds, they enjoy dressing up and tend to have costumes on hand. At their monthly lunches, they all dress in costumes that coordinate with whatever holidays take place that month. Recently, Mary came to lunch dressed as a colorful autumn tree, and in November, she donned an army shirt and a peaked cap in honor of Veterans Day. 

“They certainly know us at the pub,” Mary says of her vivacious group of friends. 

In addition to performing at the Hingham Civic Music Theatre together, Mary and some of her friends have also taken their act on the road to entertain people at local senior centers and retirement communities. 

“They loved it,” she says. “We had our own numbers, and it was all different from anything they would see otherwise, and then we would go to lunch afterward.”

Over the half a century they’ve been sharing post-performance lunches, Mary and her friends have developed lasting bonds and seen each other through many of life’s ups and downs. Their monthly gatherings have become a cherished date on their social calendars. 

“We’ve been through a lot together,” Mary says. “Those of us who have been doing it every month, we wouldn’t miss it. We often bring each other presents, and we always celebrate a birthday.”