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Maris Grove answered his quest: the perfect job in the perfect location

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January 22nd, 2015
Maris Grove Medical Center Practice Manager Joe Maloney confers with receptionist Kelly De Haan about his upcoming meetings.
Maris Grove Medical Center Practice Manager Joe Ma

After LabCorp purchased the medical lab he helped launch in West Virginia, Joe Maloney moved back to the place he’d grown up, Glen Mills, Pa. 

When he saw the job posting for a practice manager position at Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, he could scarcely believe his luck. The position at the community’s on-site, full-service medical center seemed tailor-made for him. 

For example, before earning an M.B.A., Maloney had pursued a premed program in college; he’d heard glowing reviews about Maris Grove from his mother, who lives near the community; and the Maloneys have a tradition of caring for older family members. 

Maloney is one of four siblings. When he was five, shortly before his father’s death, his grandmother and great-grandmother moved in. His grandmother, now 93, still lives with his mom.

Sure enough, Maloney got the job and came on staff early last year. 

Quality care, all the time

His job entails management of the overall operation of the medical practice. He does budgeting, supply management, and outreach to other campus departments. He checks a list of quality care indicators every day to see how the medical center is meeting them. And he oversees scheduling, which involves more than one might think. 

One in five office visits at Maris Grove are same-day visits, which require scheduling adequate staff and adequate time into each day to accommodate them. “If you call that day, you’ll likely be seen that day,” Maloney says. 

If it’s an emergency, the medical center can handle that, too.

“We’re right downstairs, the physicians are here, and there’s someone on call 24/7, even if you don’t normally use our doctors,” says Maloney. “If it’s going to snow, we sleep at the hotel across the street. Our clinical staff has the overall health of residents at the forefront.”

Maloney delivers those messages during new resident orientations and also explains the medical center’s CarePath program. Residents needn’t have a Maris Grove physician as their primary doctor to sign up for CarePath. They simply let the medical center obtain an annual baseline of their medical history so that, should they need urgent care, they can come to the center for treatment, and their history will be on file.

Healthy community

“We’ve even done a series of TV shows on Maris Grove’s in-house television station to disseminate medical information,” Maloney says. Topics have ranged from aspects of aging to flu shots.

Residents clearly heard the flu shot message. By Nov. 21, every resident at the 1,400-member campus had been vaccinated, most at evening clinics held in locations adjacent to campus restaurants. 

Because of his position, Maloney can cite statistics and relay stories about everything at the medical center. He loves his work.

“Combining my medical attributes with my business acumen while also enjoying the interaction with residents makes this the perfect job,” he says. “We take a holistic approach to residents’ health and have their best interests at heart. That’s why I come in every day.”