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Cape Cod couple kicks winter to the curb by moving to Linden Ponds

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January 22nd, 2015
After several decades of marriage, Dorte and Bill Griswold are enjoying their retirement together at Linden Ponds, where they don’t have to worry about the hassles of winter like shoveling snow and driving on icy roads for everyday errands.
After several decades of marriage, Dorte and Bill

Last winter, Bill and Dorte Griswold, like most Massachusetts homeowners, had to deal with chores like removing snow and paying hefty heating bills. The Griswolds had been living in a house in Centerville on Cape Cod. They decided to move to Centerville full-time about 16 years ago after summering there for 30 years. At the time, they lived in Belmont. While there was plenty to love about the house, Bill says, the maintenance was becoming cumbersome. 

“The market is a little soft for second homes on Cape Cod, but we didn’t want to keep the house through the whole winter with the heating and snow and everything else,” Bill says.

Over the summer, the Griswolds decided to trade their house for maintenance-free living at



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