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Right-sized living

One-bedroom Brighton offers a worry-free, amenity-rich lifestyle

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January 30th, 2015
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Bill and Cynthia Doney know how they want to spend their retirement years—traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Now the couple is settling into a lifestyle at Trace that allows them to focus on those priorities.

“We didn’t want a large apartment,” says Cynthia. “We like the economy of a one-bedroom apartment because it allows us the financial freedom to travel and spend time with family.”

Bill and Cynthia selected a one-bedroom, one-bath Brighton floor plan with an open layout and a spacious master retreat. The couple moved to Eagle’s Trace in the spring of 2013.

“As an artist, I appreciate the visual planes in this apartment,” says Cynthia, who spends her leisure time drawing, painting, and taking photographs. “I like the sight lines from the front door to the patio. It fills the apartment with natural light.”

A smarter floor plan

“The Brighton is one of our most popular one-bedroom floor plans,” says Sales Director Pam Burgeson. “It features an open floor plan with a modern kitchen, large living space, and a generously sized bedroom with a full bath and walk-in closet.”

Bill, a retired chemical engineer and lifelong handyman, says his motto has always been “Work smarter, not harder.” He appreciates the versatility of the Brighton floor plan.

“Our bedroom has plenty of space for a computer desk and a reading nook,” says Bill. “The size of the room allows it to serve many functions.”

That functionality carries over into the living room, where several furniture pieces serve a dual purpose.

“The couch opens up to a bed, so our grandchildren have a place to sleep when they visit,” says Cynthia. “I can open up our drop-leaf table when I’m entertaining or doing artwork. And the pass-through from the kitchen to the living room gives me the perfect place to display my collection of ceramic pots.”

A carefully curated collection

Bill and Cynthia, who raised their family in a four-bedroom Colonial-style house in Delaware, say it’s not the amount of things they can fit into their home, but the value assigned to each one that brings them joy.

Cynthia thoughtfully positioned the pieces in their apartment to focus on the items with the most sentimental value.

“For the first time in our married life, I have one long, uninterrupted wall to display family portraits,” says Cynthia. “Bill and I both value people over things, so we tried to keep only the items with the most meaning. I wanted the focus to be on a few well-placed treasures.”

Extended living areas

One treasure, the outdoor living space, was already waiting for them at Eagle’s Trace.

“Bill wanted a patio, and I wanted a view of the lake,” she says. “We were fortunate to find an apartment with both. We sit outside and enjoy the view across the water. It’s fun to watch the birds as they come and go.”

The community’s ample amenities also make the couple feel like they’ve expanded their living space.

“Bill goes for a two-mile walk around the lake every day, and we both use the fitness center,” says Cynthia. “The restaurant and café are such a treat for me, because I don’t have to cook anymore. I feel like we have just the right amount of space to enjoy the lifestyle we want.”