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Smart decision all around

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January 22nd, 2015
Future Lantern Hill resident Bob Bell and Personal Moving Consultant Jennifer Kohan share some holiday cheer at the sales office.
Future Lantern Hill resident Bob Bell and Personal

Bob Bell has been waiting for Lantern Hill for a long time—thirteen years, in fact. He and his wife had begun to look for a retirement community that met their needs, lifestyle, and budget, but the area fell short. Until now.

Lantern Hill, an Erickson Living community, will open this fall, and Bob will be one of the first people to move in. 

“A community like Lantern Hill has been necessary in this area for a long time,” says Bob, who will move from Watchung, N.J., just a few miles from Lantern Hill, in New Providence. 

Big plans

Bob chose Lantern Hill for its host of amenities, social atmosphere and activities, location, and the peace of mind of its continuing care neighborhood. 

Having lived in the area for more than fifty years, Bob didn’t want to leave his friends, doctors, and church. In fact, a few of his friends will be joining him at Lantern Hill, and he’ll continue to attend his church, located across the street from the community. 

Although he’ll know a few people upon moving in, Bob looks forward to making new friends as well. “I’m looking forward to being around more people and having things to do during the day that I don’t have to drive to,” he says. “When you live alone, it’s a lot harder to meet and interact with other people.”

One activity he’ll continue upon moving in is swimming daily for one hour. But at Lantern Hill, he won’t have to go outside or drive to get to the pool. The community’s heated, indoor pool will be just steps from his apartment. 

Bob also sings in his church choir and hopes to join a singing group at Lantern Hill should residents form one. 

“I think [living at Lantern Hill] will add years to my life because when you’re alone, you don’t talk to people, and communication with other people is really an essential part of life,” Bob says.

Maintenance relief

Aside from adding to his social calendar, Bob looks forward to shedding his house responsibilities, from raking leaves and cutting grass to cooking and cleaning. 

“Lantern Hill provides that maintenance-free lifestyle. In general, it makes life a whole lot easier on me,” he says. “I don’t have to worry about things that go wrong with the house, and when a house is 50 years old, a lot of things go wrong with it.”

Bob will move from a large, ten-room house on an acre and a half that he built in 1963 to a one-bedroom apartment home at Lantern Hill called the Arden. Despite downsizing, Bob says he looks forward to paring down. 

“A smaller apartment fits my lifestyle because now I pretty much live in my bedroom and kitchen, and [when I move I’ll be able] to do some entertaining if I want to,” he says.

Smart financial decision

Bob says that in addition to suiting his needs and lifestyle, the apartment fits his budget. 

“Lantern Hill has more than 25 floor plans—something for nearly any budget and lifestyle,” says Sales Counselor Kathy Banks.

“Moving to Lantern Hill is a good financial decision,” says Bob, who has already met with Personal Moving Consultant Jennifer Kohan to start planning furniture arrangement. Kohan’s services are complimentary to people moving to Lantern Hill and include referrals to real estate professionals, downsizing and staging advice, and other moving-related assistance. 

“Even though Lantern Hill won’t open until fall 2015, it’s comforting to know that help is available,” Kohan says. “Once people begin to move in, I will help each and every one of them find a real estate agent and moving company, declutter, downsize, and plan furniture placement in their new home.”

In addition to getting started with the moving process, Bob is getting acquainted with his future neighbors by attending priority list events. He joined the priority list in September and had already attended three or four exclusive events by December, including a holiday party. 

“I enjoy meeting my future neighbors. Most people are from within a 10- to 15-mile radius,” he says. 

To join the priority list, Bob paid the $1,000 fully refundable deposit and a $150 nonrefundable application fee. Priority list membership gave him first choice of apartment styles, opportunities to attend exclusive events, and access to Kohan’s services. 

Priority list members also receive the first notice of new construction, even if they haven’t reserved an apartment home yet. 

“Joining the priority list is the first step in reserving a home at Lantern Hill. Even if you aren’t ready to move yet, like Bob, it saves your place in line for the apartment of your choice for when you are ready,” Banks says. 

“It’s the best retirement planning investment you can make,” Banks continues, “especially because if you change your mind, it’s fully refundable. And if you end up moving in, that $1,000 goes toward your entrance deposit.”

As for Bob, this fall can’t come soon enough. “I’m really looking forward to being here,” he says.