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Winter warmth replaces cold and loneliness

Shirley Arnold is ready to enjoy her new life at Ann’s Choice full of fun and neighbors

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January 22nd, 2015
Shirley Arnold’s face lights with happiness when she talks about her life at Ann’s Choice.
Shirley Arnold’s face lights with happiness when s

Last autumn, Choice resident Shirley Arnold was already anticipating what her first winter at Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., would be like. She expected it to be fun, not at all like the one before it.

During that earlier winter, she’d fallen twice, with one fall resulting in a fractured finger. 

“And aside from that,” she says. “I was lonely and felt isolated.” 

Premium convenience

She had a large, lovely home at Flowers Mill, an over-55 community in Langhorne, Pa. “But the only person who ever knocked on my door was my next door neighbor,” she says. Other than walking her dog, Shirley spent the winter at home alone.

So last May, she moved to an open, airy, one-bedroom, one-bath floor plan at Ann’s Choice. It suits her budget and her lifestyle. And it’s large enough to easily accommodate her family. Shirley hosted nine family members for Hanukkah last December.

Her home boasts a spacious great room, an ample dinette area, a beautiful kitchen, a large bedroom with generous closet space, and a third-floor location near an elevator. 

The elevator’s first-floor stop is just steps from Shirley’s car, which is super convenient on her volunteer days at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne.  

No more loneliness

The biggest benefit of living at Ann’s Choice is that Shirley’s loneliness has disappeared. Instead of eating alone, she dines with friends every evening in one of four campus restaurants. 

She plays cards twice a week with neighbors, attends lectures and discussion groups, and volunteers at the on-site TV studio and at the Treasure Chest—the campus resale shop whose proceeds benefit the community’s resident care fund. 

The fund enables residents who, through no fault of their own, have exhausted their financial reserves to continue living at the community. The Residence and Care Agreement has all the details.

Shirley says that now when she curls up at home to read, she doesn’t feel alone. A girlfriend of forty years and two friends from Flowers Mill lived at Ann’s Choice when Shirley moved in, and she’s made scores of new friends.

Simply walking down the hall brings one pleasant encounter after another. 

“Living here feels like home,” Shirley says. “I’m very happy.”