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A new face in resident life

Lisa Hadley steps into role of community resources coordinator

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February 23rd, 2015
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Ask Lisa Hadley her favorite part of the workday, and she’ll tell you it’s around 4:30 p.m., when Trace residents begin making their way to the Audubon Clubhouse for a pre-dinner drink and social hour with friends.

“I like to stand outside my door and visit with residents,” says Hadley, whose office near the Audubon living room and Garden Room Restaurant affords her the perfect spot for greeting residents as they pass by. “I usually get a few hugs, too, which brightens my day.”

Since stepping into the role of community resources coordinator in June 2014, Hadley says the relationships she’s built with residents make her job meaningful.

“We have an amazing group of people who call Eagle’s Trace home,” says Hadley. “They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have diverse interests. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside them.”

All about relationships

Hadley’s prior work experience includes marketing positions with Motorola and Belterra, a master-planned community in Dripping Springs, Tex. She joined the Eagle’s Trace team in 2013 as a general services coordinator.

“In general services, I oversaw parking, storage, and maintenance, so I got to know the residents in that capacity,” says Hadley. “That job allowed me to transition easily to this position because I had already built those relationships.

Now, Hadley says she is doing what she truly loves. 

“The residents make my job fun,” she says. “I love seeing them continue a hobby they’ve had for a long time or attempt something completely outside their comfort zone. It’s great when they succeed at an activity they were hesitant to try.”

As community resources coordinator, Hadley oversees the community’s monthly calendar, assists with clubs and activities, arranges for speakers and musical guests, and helps plan special events.

“We have more than 80 clubs and activities at Eagle’s Trace, everything from the chorus to Wii bowling,” says Hadley. “They’re all resident-led. I come alongside for support and help if needed, but the residents determine what kinds of clubs and activities we offer at the community.”

‘Manage lightly’

Hadley says one of the best pieces of advice she received after assuming her new role came from Jeff Watson, director of operations for Erickson Living.

“Jeff told me to ‘manage lightly,’” says Lisa. “I’ve learned that if I let residents take the lead on activities of interest to them, things work out the way they should.”

Hadley cites the newly formed ukulele club as an example.

“A retired pastor, Buddy Griffin, offered to play a banjo concert for our residents,” says Hadley. “He was so well received that he volunteered to teach ukulele lessons to any interested residents. We had a good showing for the first lesson, and now it’s one of our most popular clubs.”

Continuing education

Hadley says her focus for 2015 is education.

“Our residents have a thirst for knowledge,” she says. “We recently had Dr. John B. Boles, a professor of history at Rice University, speak at Eagle’s Trace about the history of the university. We also had Billy Forney, who was working on the 85th floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower on 9/11. Both speakers were so well received, and I recognize that our residents are lifelong learners. I hope to add a few more educational offerings to the calendar this year.”