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Custom Interiors at Highland Springs assists with remodeling needs

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February 23rd, 2015
upgraded kitchen


When Bob and Sara Muse toured apartments at Springs in late 2013, they were drawn to the two-bedroom, two-bath Manchester-style floor plan.

“My daughter was with us, and she told Christina [Christie, sales counselor] that if a Manchester was available, she’d help us move in on Christmas Day,” says Sara. “We were fortunate that one became available right after the holidays.”

Bob and Sara jumped at the chance to secure the apartment, but Sara wanted to make a few changes to the kitchen before they moved in.

“I wanted it to feel like my kitchen, both in style and functionality,” says Sara, who scheduled an appointment with Linda Allegro, Highland Springs’ on-site custom interiors coordinator.

Allegro’s design services are complimentary for Erickson Living residents, who simply pay the cost of materials and labor.

“We had a fire in our Lake Highlands home eight years ago, and I worked with an interior decorator at that time to put our house back together,” says Sara. “This was a simpler process. Linda has all the samples in her office, so I could make my selections without visiting the tile store or the paint store.”

Expert help

Allegro, whose previous work experience includes Ethan Allen and Rob & Stucky International, has worked at Highland Springs for the past four years overseeing design projects in the community’s common areas as well as helping residents with design choices in their apartments.

“Linda stays on the job until it’s done,” says Sara. “She oversees the contractors and makes sure everything is completed to our satisfaction.”

Sara’s kitchen makeover included new granite countertops and a tile backsplash, the addition of a pantry closet, and additional upper cabinets and lower drawers.

“I prefer having deep drawers underneath the countertop instead of cabinets,” says Sara. “That’s what I had in my Lake Highlands home, and that’s what I have now. It makes it feel like my kitchen.”

Feels like home

With the kitchen complete, Bob and Sara moved into their apartment on January 15, 2014. Since then, Sara has undertaken one more remodeling project—replacing the white countertop in her bathroom with granite.

“There was nothing wrong with the white countertops, so I initially resisted making a change,” says Sara. “But there again, I wanted it to feel like my bathroom. I called Linda, and she brought up several granite samples. Now I love the way my bathroom looks.”

Allegro’s scope of work includes flooring, paint, cabinets, countertops, window treatments, and upholstery. 

“I also help residents with furniture placement and re-accessorizing their homes with items they already own,” says Allegro. “I try to help with any challenges they may have.”

Big impact, small cost

Margaret Reid relied on Allegro’s expertise when she moved into her Manchester-style apartment at Highland Springs in March 2014.

“I told the sales team that I was looking for a first floor apartment with a covered patio and a nice view,” says Margaret. “When they showed me the one I’m in now, it had what I wanted.”

Still, Margaret wanted to make some changes in the kitchen. She worked with Allegro to replace the front of her cabinets and drawers with custom-painted doors and frames to match. 

“Adding a new front to my cabinets and drawers gave them a new look without replacing them,” says Margaret. “Linda gave me options within my budget.”

Kitchen tour

Both Sara’s and Margaret’s kitchens were featured on a recent tour of updated kitchens at Highland Springs.

“I don’t feel like I know somebody until they’ve been in my home,” says Sara. “It was a pleasure to open up our apartment for other residents to visit.”