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Love at first sight

Fay Shapiro still feels that way about Devonshire after nine years

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March 20th, 2015
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Nine years ago, Fay Shapiro accompanied her husband on tours of every independent living community within 20 miles of their home at Aberdeen Golf and Country Club in Boynton Beach.

But she told him she would only move to at PGA National, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens. 

Fay fell in love with Devonshire as soon as she entered the clubhouse. The understated elegance of its lobby and the sophisticated décor of its living room conveyed the epitome of gracious living. Its high-ceilinged and dark-paneled library resembled a reading room at a country estate. 

“And the beautifully appointed apartments,” says Fay. “No other place can match them.” Suffice it to say, the Shapiros moved to Devonshire, where, Fay discovered, their huge walk-in closet was large enough to set up her ironing board.

Always on the go

Diminutive in size, Fay is a whirlwind of intellectual and physical pursuits.

Early on, she served as president of the Resident Council. Now she’s on the welcoming and marketing committees. 

A collection of resident committees provides input and recommendations to all of the departments at Devonshire. Fay believes it’s important for residents to add their wisdom to the ongoing conversation about the character and lifestyle of the community they call home.

Besides committee work, she uses the fitness center and attends fitness classes, both conveniently located in Devonshire’s clubhouse.

She also plays bridge five times a week and attends a class at Florida Atlantic University. She can make the 15-minute drive herself, or like many of her neighbors, use Devonshire’s excellent transportation.

Accomplished writer, editor

Fay’s enduring interest is creative writing. A former teacher, she’s one of Devonshire Times’ triumvirate of editors and writes a column and a book review for each issue. 

Her slice-of-life columns, a delight to read, often overflow with hilarity. And they frequently write themselves. 

Fay tends to wake up about 5 a.m. She sits up and writes whatever thought or dream prompted her to awaken. “When I get up later, I read [the piece] to see what I wrote,” she says. “If I like it, I edit it and use it.”

Born in England, Fay came to America just before Pearl Harbor, went to school here, fell in love, and stayed in the States. 

Her life experiences and eclectic interests make her a sought-after dinner partner at Devonshire, where she enjoys splendid cuisine in the company of friends at one of the community’s five superb and distinctive clubhouse restaurants.

Her far-flung family, including her daughter in Switzerland, has peace of mind knowing their mother is happy and safe at Devonshire. 

“We’re well taken care of,” Fay says, citing the 24-hour on-site nurse, weekly housekeeping, annual top-to-toe apartment cleaning, and an engineering department “that does everything, even changes your lightbulbs.”