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The perfectly perfect Pendleton

This floor plan is a hit, especially the screened-in porch

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March 20th, 2015
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For many people moving to Ponds, an Erickson Living community in Ashburn, Va., leaving the responsibilities of a large, single-family house behind is an exciting and highly anticipated event. 

“My husband Michael and I owned several homes over the course of the last 42 years,” says Nan Krueger. “Most were great investments but too big for our needs.  In retirement, we were looking for something significantly smaller, easier to care for, and a design that would address our need to be cozy in our home.”  

The couple chose Ashby Ponds’ large two-bedroom, two-bath, Pendleton-style apartment home with screened-in porch, one of the most sought-after styles on campus.

“The Pendleton offers the best of both worlds,” says Ashby Ponds Director of Sales Holly Henderson. “It provides a large living area, second bedroom, and porch—perfect for creating a unique living space while removing the burdens of home upkeep and maintenance. Instead, residents can spend quality time enjoying the numerous amenities and services available at Ashby Ponds.” 

Best life has to offer

The Kruegers’ desire to replace quantity with quality in their new home is part of a growing trend recently reported in a September 2014 article published in Huffington Post, “Smaller House, Bigger Life,” by David Geller, CEO of GV Financial Advisors.

“In many cases, a smaller home that preserves the space we need to live our lives and eliminates the space we never use would better serve us,” says Geller. “The space you live in should empower the life you want to live.” 

In lieu of spending time and money on the upkeep of a big house, the Kruegers find that the Pendleton is the perfect-sized home for their needs.

“We appreciate that the Pendleton allows us to structure the living room and dining area to our liking,” says Nan. “With daily dining services available in a variety of restaurants on campus, and our penchant for frequently eating off campus in area restaurants, a formal dining room wasn’t something we wanted anymore. 

Neighbors Al and Gerry Zuck also find that the Pendleton suits their needs.

“We really like the Pendleton’s large, open kitchen and living room,” says Al. “We can very comfortably seat up to eight people for very pleasant and comfortable entertaining.”

Mary Lynn and Lacy Bradshaw find that the Pendleton provides more livable space.

“The bedrooms, bathrooms, and living area provide us with more space than we had in our previous home where we lived for 40 years,” says Mary Lynn. “Being able to work at the kitchen counter while talking to family members or looking out the big window is a real plus.” 

Making a house a home

Another added benefit of the Pendleton is the second bedroom, which can be used for a variety of purposes unique to each resident. 

“We use the second bedroom as a den—our favorite room—with a sofa bed that can be used, as needed, for overnight guests,” says Al. 

“Our second bedroom is our home office,” says Nan. “The windows open onto the porch so the room is light and airy.”

The Bradshaws, on the other hand, use the space as an all-in-one room.

“We use the room as a home office, an area to exercise in, and as a place for our grandchildren to sleep when they stay overnight,” says Mary Lynn.

Indoor/outdoor life

For many, the Pendleton’s large, screened-in porch extending off the living area is the crowning jewel of the home.

“It is, hands-down, our favorite feature in our home,” says Nan. “The porch provides us with the ability to enjoy the outside air almost year-round. We have wicker chairs, a radio, hanging and standing plants, and small appetizer tables. Our cat, Genghis Khatt Krueger, has always been an indoor pet, but the porch allows him to enjoy the outside world, too.”  

Because Nan enjoys gardening, she uses a large butcher-block table on her patio for potting and displaying plants.

“The porch itself expands our living area by almost as much as an additional living room. We enjoy the birds, the landscaping that we don’t have to maintain, and watching dog-walkers with their dogs. Our [porch] is the best way to peacefully stay connected to the space and weather outside our apartment.” 

“We love our porch,” says Mary Lynn. “Lacy and I enjoy watching the activities going on outside, spending time in the fresh air, and reading and sharing meals together. We never had a screened-in porch during our 52 years together. Now that we do, we love it!”

With a large second bedroom, enviable living space, and a gem of a porch, it’s easy to see why the Pendleton is one of Ashby Ponds’ most popular floor plans.

“As we make plans for each new residential building, we always include as many Pendletons as possible,” says Henderson. “I hear over and over again that it is perfectly perfect. I encourage anyone interested in learning more to schedule a visit.”