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‘Live the life’

How to take advantage of priority list membership at Seabrook

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April 16th, 2015
New Seabrook priority list members receive a welcome packet, including a priority list handbook and Live the Life coupon booklet.
New Seabrook priority list members receive a welco

“Our number one priority is to make people feel comfortable about moving to . If they want to come often, not just to events but to bridge club or lunch or aqua aerobics class, we can set that up,” says Carol Warren, sales associate at the Tinton Falls, N.J., Erickson Living community

Warren heads up Seabrook’s Live the Life program, which enables priority list members to experience a day and/or night at the community. Programs like this are just an example of the many benefits of priority list membership. 

Warren says many priority list members don’t take full advantage of all their member benefits, so the Tribune asked her to provide some how-to tips.

Q: First, could you explain the premise of the priority list? 

Warren: The priority list is basically a waiting list to reserve an apartment home at Seabrook. 

All it takes to join is a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150 per-person nonrefundable application fee. 

When prospective residents submit their deposit, that date is noted as their priority list date. As apartment homes become available, the sales team gives first right of refusal to priority list members based on the date they joined. 

Once they’ve joined the priority list, they can reserve a home when it’s their turn.

Q: Other than being able to reserve a home, are there other benefits to joining the priority list? 

Warren: Absolutely! Members receive exclusive invitations to luncheons and special events. They’re the first to learn of any new information, including apartment home availability, services, interior options, and new construction. And they get to spend a night at the community enjoying complimentary meals and opportunities to join activities and use all of Seabrook’s amenities. 

Q: When a priority list member spends the night at Seabrook, are they on their own, or do you plan an itinerary for them? 

Warren: This is our Live the Life program. I spend a lot of time talking with the priority list members about their interests, so they can participate in coordinating activities during their stay. This could be a swim in the pool, joining a bridge group, or seeing a performance in our theater. 

Then, I pair them with a resident ambassador, their host for the day, and another host for the evening if they are spending the night in one of our guest apartments. 

Through these connections, they meet a lot of different people and get an accurate idea of what life would be like should they decide to reserve an apartment home.

Q: Sounds like membership has some valuable benefits. How do you make people aware of all these benefits? 

Warren: First, when you join, we give you a welcome packet that includes a membership benefits guide and a coupon booklet so you can experience things like meals, activities, a performance in our theater, the indoor swimming pool, even day trips—all complimentary. 

In addition to the sales staff, the membership benefits guide is a great resource on how to make the most of your membership. It outlines most of the member benefits and walks you through the steps of selecting your apartment home and planning your move. 

Q: So priority list benefits don’t just stop at learning about life at Seabrook, they really encompass the entire moving process?

Warren: That’s right. Like I said before, we want people to feel absolutely comfortable in their decision and throughout their move. So priority list membership also includes complimentary real estate and moving services advice and referrals from our personal moving consultant, Laurie Williamson.

Laurie will come to your home to develop a custom moving plan. She will also recommend real estate agents, moving companies, and other moving-related vendors like downsizers, painters, landscapers, and home stagers so you have all the resources you need at your fingertips. 

We have found that these services and benefits truly do help people feel more comfortable and settled more quickly after moving, and that’s our goal.