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‘There’s nothing not to like’

Ann’s Choice residents have the freedom to follow their dreams

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April 16th, 2015
Accomplished musician Marilyn Kiser’s beautiful and impressive harp has a place of honor in the Kisers’ living room at Ann’s Choice.
Accomplished musician Marilyn Kiser’s beautiful an

People move to Choice, EricksonLiving’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., for many reasons. Marilyn Kiser and her husband Warren moved from their house of 38 years in Furlong, Pa., to escape the unending chores their acre-and-a-half property required. 

The community’s beauty, size, and five restaurants also appealed to them. 

But Rose Gardens, the on-site rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood, played a critical role because Warren’s mother had been in a care facility for 11 years. The Kisers saw the wisdom of having long-term care available right on campus should they ever need it.

Peace of mind and so much more

When they moved, they changed their doctor to one of the Ann’s Choice staff physicians who practice in the on-site full-service medical center. That decision proved especially important for Warren. 

Following thorough new patient checkups, Warren’s doctor discovered a previously undiagnosed but serious condition and got Warren the treatment he needed. He’s now as active as ever.

He and Marilyn join their neighbors at meals in campus restaurants and for informal card games.

Warren walks the indoor circuit of climate-controlled bridges and hallways connecting all the campus buildings, a real advantage in inclement weather. 

Marilyn belongs to Questers, one of more than 150 campus clubs and activities. A nonprofit organization headquartered in Philadelphia, Questers is dedicated to the study, conservation, and preservation of historic objects for the benefit of current and future generations. 

Marilyn’s avocation as a harpist led to a Questers presentation in which she played her harp and relayed the history of harps. 

She’d wanted a harp since childhood and started taking lessons in her 60s when her father bought her one. 

She has a larger harp now and has sometimes played at Rose Gardens.  

Making new connections, maintaining former ties

Living in a community of peers, the Kisers connect immediately with their neighbors. “We’ve all lived through the same [period of history],” Warren says. 

But the couple also maintains longstanding ties in Furlong. Although Ann’s Choice provides state-of-the-art equipment and 24/7 availability at its on-site fitness center, they spend four mornings a week at a Furlong gym. 

Warren does frequent the campus library for mystery titles and occasional romance novels.

Marilyn, who for years owned a successful business making clothespin dolls, now fashions all-cloth dolls as gifts or for campus craft shows.

She also makes quilts that feature machine-embroidered Precious Moments® designs. 

And in the sunny kitchen of the Kisers’ two-bedroom, two-bath, Jackson-style apartment home, Marilyn bakes, most notably yeast breads infused with cinnamon and raisins. 

To the delight of her hallway neighbors, she always shares her results.   

That freedom to follow their own drummers makes the couple happy they chose Ann’s Choice. 

“It’s a pleasant place to spend your days,” Marilyn says. “There’s nothing not to like.”