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Buyers frenzy expected this season

Real estate spotlight with Anne Connor

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April 16th, 2015
Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor facilitates people’s move to Cedar Crest by providing them with a list of preferred real estate agents and moving companies. Priority list members have the exclusive opportunity to gain access to complementary real e
Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor facilitates

The real estate market looks strong as we head into the heat of the spring selling season. While the market has been improving, real estate agents predict this will be the strongest selling season we’ve had in years. 

Members of Crest’s priority list have the exclusive opportunity to gain access to complimentary real estate assistance through Erickson Realty and Moving Services. Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor works closely with preferred real estate agents to get the skinny on the market. 

Here, Connor gives us a look at what to expect this spring and how to take advantage of this great time to sell.

Q: How is the real estate market trending now that we’re heading into the spring season? 

A: The market is strong for sellers. Historically low inventory coupled with interest rates under 4% has allowed sellers the luxury of pushing the market and maximizing their equity. 

Q: What do you expect for the late spring market?  

A: As we move through the selling season, buyers can become more motivated to push their offers to the highest limits. Unless we see a drastic change in available inventory, the upward pressure on pricing will continue. 

Q: How does the market compare to a few years ago?

A: The last couple of years had compressed inventory, but nothing like we have today. As we move into the height of the selling season, we will start to see more of a buyers frenzy toward listings, the likes of which we have not seen in the past. 

Q: You often say late winter/early spring is the best time to put your house on the market so people can get ahead of a saturated market, but what about those who are just getting started in May—what makes May a good time? 

A: May is great because that’s when people become the most stir crazy to get out and start looking. The great weather increases motivation for buyers to get out into our beautiful New Jersey outdoors and begin dreaming of moving into their next home.  The media is also helping sellers by reporting on how competitive the market already is, which increases motivation to buyers.

Q: Speaking of people moving to their next home, how has Cedar Crest made an effort to accommodate people who want larger apartment homes?

A: Cedar Crest has begun remodeling apartment homes to create larger floor plans than we have had in the past. These custom homes become available at different times throughout the year, but they sell quickly because more people want larger, open homes. 

Our priority list members have the first opportunity to learn about availability, so I always suggest people join the priority list as soon as possible. 

Q: What can sellers do to put their best foot forward and stay competitive?  

A: The first thing that buyers see at a showing is the front of the home. Nice landscaping and an inviting entrance make a great first impression. Once inside, a hyper clean home that is free of clutter goes a long way. An experienced real estate agent can help if any cosmetic painting or updating is necessary to get the highest price possible.  In this very strong sellers market with such low inventory, there is  :limited competition, but it is still very important to pay attention to these details.  

Q: Spring is so full of natural beauty. What are some simple ways people can add curb appeal this season without breaking the bank? 

A: I think the least expensive items that really make a huge impact are flowers at the entrance and on any patio and deck areas. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even Costco have great hanging and potted baskets that are very reasonable and look beautiful.