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The gift of friendship

Childhood ties carry over to Brooksby Village

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April 16th, 2015
(From left) Mary Farr, Winifred DeKarski, Mary Murphy, Marianne DeAngelis, and Patricia Kelliher are grammar school friends from Somerville, Mass., who enjoy time with each other in this photo from the mid-1980s. Farr and Murphy’s long-standing friendship
(From left) Mary Farr, Winifred DeKarski, Mary Mur

Grammar school classmates Mary Murphy and Mary Farr forged a lifelong friendship when they were in the fourth grade. It continues today as they embark on a new chapter of life at Erickson Living community on the North Shore.

“Mary said she’d come along,” says Murphy. “I told her I didn’t remember inviting her.” 

Cheekiness aside, the friends eased up to Peabody to take a look at Brooksby. 

“I like the neighborhood around Brooksby,” says Murphy. “There are shops and doctors’ offices right off Route 114.” 

Farr appreciated Brooksby’s on-site amenities and affordable apartment offerings. She decided the time was right to move. Selecting a one-bedroom, one-bath Brighton floor plan, Farr moved to Brooksby in March 2014. Murphy followed a month later, also choosing a Brighton. 

“We had different criteria for a retirement community, but Brooksby ended up being the right choice for both of us,” says Farr. 

More friends to enjoy 

Now the two friends are establishing their next chapter at Brooksby. Murphy has joined a book club and enjoys getting to know new people. Farr likes to test her knowledge at the community’s trivia night. They both meet up regularly for dinner in one of Brooksby’s restaurants. 

“We have the best of both worlds—the comfort of a longtime friend and the opportunity to meet new ones,” says Murphy. “Friendship is a wonderful thing.”