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Good-bye maintenance, hello peace of mind

Lucy Green is loving life at Maris Grove

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April 16th, 2015
Lucy Green’s reading nook in the second bedroom of her home at Maris Grove is steps, not staircases, away from her living room.
Lucy Green’s reading nook in the second bedroom of

If Lucy Green hadn’t already decided to move from her townhouse in Chadds Ford, Pa., to Grove, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, the 2013–2014 winter would have convinced her. 

After coping with more than a foot of snow on her walk and driveway, she vowed she would spend the following winter at Maris Grove. 

And she has. 

Loving one-level living

Lucy, who moved last summer, loves the one-level convenience of her new apartment home, one of many two-bedroom styles at Maris Grove. It’s a snap to clean, and she no longer lugs her vacuum cleaner up and down stairs. 

While her townhouse was spacious, its three floors and big basement made heating and cooling it difficult and costly. 

The third floor, where Lucy did her reading, was cozy in winter, but she had to crank up the heat to keep the first floor warm.

In summer, when the downstairs was comfortably cool, the upper floors were warm.

Her apartment home at Maris Grove is the same temperature throughout. Her heating bills, included in her monthly service package, stay the same all year long. And the reading nook in her guest bedroom is steps, not staircases, away.

Good decision all around

The community’s maintenance-free living had given Lucy additional incentive to move. After 20 years, her Chadds Ford home needed upgrades.

Maris Grove’s security also figured in Lucy’s thinking because neither of her children lives nearby. “I thought, ‘As often as I go down to the basement every day, if I fell, no one would know,’” she says. 

But now, should she ever need to pull one of her home’s emergency cords, the 24/7 security team of EMTs will arrive within two minutes. 

And she can safely walk on campus any time of day or evening. 

Lucy has health care security, too. Because her doctor was retiring, she switched to a Maris Grove physician who practices in the community’s on-site medical center. 

“It’s so nice to go right downstairs for your appointment,” Lucy says. “And they last a half hour—time to get all your questions answered.

“Moving to Maris Grove was my idea,” she adds. “I’m glad I made this decision.”