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How to make the most of a smaller space

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April 24th, 2015
grouping shoes together
grouping shoes together

Are you considering downsizing to a smaller, smarter living space? If so, you’re not alone. More and more seniors are swapping a big house for the convenience of one-level living. But how do you transition from a multistory house to an apartment home? Here are some room-by-room tips:

Evaluate the rooms you use most

Most of us only use a few rooms, including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, family or living room, and sometimes a den. Other spaces, like the basement, guest room, and formal dining room, often become places to put more stuff—not to mention extra rooms to clean. Take a close look at these rooms and ask yourself the following: “What do I really need?” and “What can I combine?”  

Combine your rooms 

Do you have a living room and a family room? By using furniture from both, you can combine these rooms into one great space. Choose pieces that are multi-functional, such as a buffet or breakfront that can double as a TV stand. For extra storage, consider end tables or a hutch with drawers. If you have both a kitchen and a dining room, I recommend bringing just one table. After all, at an Erickson Living community, you’ll have a variety of on-site restaurants just steps from your door. 

Maximize space and function

How often do you use your guest room? If the answer is only once or twice a year, you can transform it into a den with a sleep sofa for overnight guests. Many Erickson Living communities even provide rollaway beds complete with linens and pillows to rent. To maximize space, set up your computer in a fold-up secretary in the living room or bedroom. Donate old books to create more room on your shelves, and store your craft materials in your community’s art studio to free up valuable space in your home.


Downsizing tip

Sort like with like. 

It’s not until you put all your white blouses in one location that you realize just how many you have! Putting together like items (e.g., grouping all paring knives or all umbrellas) will make it easier to discard some.