The importance of friendships...both old and new

Created date

April 23rd, 2015

When we’re younger, our lives are so much busier, and it’s easy to let friends and even distant relatives fall by the wayside. But when your schedule isn’t quite as full anymore, that’s the perfect time to renew such relationships. In all probability, both you and these others will not only enjoy reliving old times, but you’ll be able to help piece together some of the memories that may have become a bit cobweb-covered over the years.

Take advantage of opportunities

You may also find that there are people around you who are in need of companionship. Even if you and they don’t share direct memories, your pasts are going to be similar, so why not reach out to them? While some may end up being only casual friends, it’s still possible to develop good friendships at any age. I met two gentlemen in New York who had a home in Greece just before I was setting off for that country. We had such a good time as they showed me around Athens that, when they come back, I know they’ll definitely be part of my inner circle. 

Meeting people is one of the reasons many of us enjoy taking cruises. On a ship, you’re with so many other people that, while you’ll never share a gangplank again with most of those you meet, there’s always the opportunity you’ll really hit it off with someone who becomes a new companion, especially if he or she happens to live near you.

And as for having time on your hands, that’s the last place this precious commodity should be. Start spreading yourself around and take chances by talking to those from your past and new people you meet. If you can fill your days with good conversation and shared experiences, they can be as satisfying as any you’ve ever had.