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The scoop on Brooksby Village

Q & A with Sales Counselor Jane Kiegel

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April 16th, 2015
Sales Counselor Jane Kiegel holds the full-size color brochure outlining all Brooksby Village has to offer. Call now to request your free copy.
Sales Counselor Jane Kiegel holds the full-size co

Erickson Living community in Peabody, Mass., offers abundant activities and amenities, as well as a full continuum of care right on campus. Sales Counselor Jane Kiegel recently sat down with the Tribune to share tips for securing the most desirable apartments and the easiest way to experience all Brooksby has to offer.

Q: Why is the Brooksby lifestyle so appealing?

A: Brooksby offers an active, worry-free lifestyle in a beautiful setting. Residents are able to focus on living well—spending time with friends and family, traveling, and pursuing their personal interests and passions—instead of dealing with the headaches of home ownership. 

Our affordable pricing structure plays a significant role in Brooksby’s appeal with price points for a variety of financial situations. 

Q: How can prospective residents get a feel for the Brooksby lifestyle?

A: We encourage our prospective residents to spend as much time at the community as possible. We offer a variety of events, private tours, and opportunities to dine in one of our five restaurants. 

We also have a fabulous getaway program where prospective residents can spend several days at Brooksby in one of our guest suites, spending time with other residents and enjoying classes and activities. This has proven to be a great way to truly experience the Brooksby lifestyle.  

Q: What are the financial implications of moving to Brooksby?

A: There are two key components to our financial structure: a 90% refundable entrance deposit and a monthly service package. 

Entrance deposits start under $200,000 and are 90% refundable to residents or their estates. The Residence and Care Agreement has all the details.

The monthly service package is designed to simplify normal living expenses associated with home ownership and includes taxes, insurance, utilities, cable television, meals within our restaurants, and much more.  

Q: How can prospective residents get the apartment they want?

A: The best way for prospective residents to secure their favorite apartments is to join our priority list. Priority list members put down a $1,000 fully refundable deposit and a nonrefundable processing fee of $150 per person to reserve their place in line for the apartment home of their choice. When their desired floor plan or preferred location becomes available, they have first right of refusal based on the date they joined the priority list.

Q: Are there any other benefits to joining the priority list aside from securing the apartment they want?

A: Absolutely! Priority list members have full access to the complimentary services of our Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Phillips. Laurie is available to assist with all aspects of planning a move, including preparing your home for sale, downsizing, selecting a real estate agent and a moving company, and much more.  

She offers home visits to our local priority list members, along with on-site classes and endless support. We also offer exclusive events for our priority list members. 

Q: What is the next step for someone who’s interested in moving to Brooksby?

A: I encourage anyone who’s interested in Brooksby to schedule a personal appointment with one of our sales associates. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and show you around our community.