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Evolving campus

More community space, more activities coming to Wind Crest

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June 8th, 2015
Wind Crest's Blue Sky Bistro
Wind Crest's Blue Sky Bistro

Craig Ellsworth is like a kid in a candy store. 

The trio of buildings that have been opening at Wind Crest since November and will conclude with High Line Overlook this fall will add a tremendous amount of amenities and communal space to the Highlands Ranch Erickson Living community. As community resources coordinator, Ellsworth has big plans for it all.

“The expansion allows us to have a wider variety of activities and to expand our current ones,” Ellsworth says. “We have a lot of activities going on in our current community spaces, and there are times when we are out of space. Even the groups that are meeting now want to add more times, or there are people who want to add additional clubs, and we just have not had the space to do it.”

The draw for many people to move to Wind Crest is its boundless opportunities for activities. With its maintenance-free lifestyle, people move there with plans to replace chores with hobbies and socializing. 

“The amount of activities really appealed to us,” says George Sevier, who moved to Wind Crest in August with his wife Blandine from Southeast Denver. 

“[Wind Crest has] everything we need. I can even go to church here. It’s just amazing,” Blandine adds.

With additional community space and more people moving in every day, those opportunities are growing by leaps and bounds.

Opportunities abound

McHenry’s Crossing, a residence building that opened in November, added Windows Restaurant and patio dining, as well as new classrooms, a fitness center, and the Blue Sky Bistro. 

Parry Landing, which began welcoming residents last month, is centrally located between McHenry’s Crossing and the new clubhouse opening later this year. Its amenities include a library, private reading room, conference room, artistic classroom, a day spa, and the Timberline Tavern.

“Parry Landing is a great hub for those people who want to be centrally located and close to everything,” says Jason Atwell, director of sales.

High Line Overlook, slated to open in the fall, will include the Arts and Enrichment Center with a stage and theater seating on the terrace level. 

“We’d like to host a lot more outside entertainment as well as classes, a drama club, and we’re looking at a collaborative art show with other communities in the area,” Ellsworth says.

The Arts and Enrichment Center will also house the community’s first TV studio, where residents will be able to assist in television show production—a staple at other Erickson Living communities. 

“The TV studio will allow us to do live broadcasts to the entire community of events happening in the Arts and Enrichment Center,” Ellsworth says. “It’s also an opportunity for better communication with our residents.”

The large Red Rocks Catering Room, also on the terrace level of High Line Overlook, will add space for private parties, events, and meetings. “This is a nice feature as additional community space,” Atwell says. “I can see this getting a lot of use by our residents.”

Opposite the catering room, Burton’s Steakhouse will serve residents from all over the community. The restaurant’s name honors Wind Crest’s first resident, Clarence Burton, a beloved member of the community.

The first floor of High Line Overlook will house the community’s third fitness center, a complement to the main fitness center in the first neighborhood. 

Outdoor activity

Above the Arts and Enrichment Center, the High Line Terrace Courtyard provides beautiful views of the mountains and adds a delightful outdoor venue for parties and events. 

Ellsworth envisions utilizing one of the many outdoor patios in the second neighborhood to host a speaking series. “I want to do a summer series of residents sharing their stories and having an evening under the stars,” Ellsworth says. “We have so many interesting people living here. Their stoies are rich, and we have a great opportunity to share those stories.”

Overall, Ellsworth says he’s excited for the new space, but he’s even more excited to meet all the new faces moving to Wind Crest over the next few months. “This community is so vibrant, and I’m looking forward to supporting our residents as they pursue passions and hobbies in their retirement.”