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The right size at the right time

Keys to finding your perfect home at Greenspring

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June 5th, 2015

It’s no secret that

But the real secret is how to join this vibrant community when the time is right.

The easy answer lies in joining the priority list. For a fully refundable $1,000 deposit, priority list members reserve their place in line for the apartment home that best meets their wishes.

But with 1,300 people on the priority list, a little strategizing can go a long way in ensuring a future at Greenspring sooner rather than later.

“There are two things I encourage every priority list member to think about,” says Greenspring Director of Sales Eric Whitson, “the right size and the right time. And what I mean is this: Is the apartment home you want really the right size for you? The answer to that question may determine whether you are able to move to Greenspring at the right time for you.”

Right size—bigger isn’t always better

Whitson encourages priority list members to look at all the options when it comes to the various apartment floor plans. 

Demand for two-bedroom apartment homes is notoriously high and often means wait times of more than two years. 

Selecting a smaller home not only means a shorter wait time on the priority list but also offers substantial financial savings. For instance, the entrance deposit for a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment home is almost half of that of a two-bedroom, two-bath model (see chart below). 

“When meeting with people, the thing I hear most often is the desire for extra space for either an office, a guestroom, or both,” says Whitson. “I encourage many of these people to consider a one-bedroom with den over a two-bedroom home. The spacious den provides the sought-after extra living space that meets many of these needs, and the savings are tremendous. Choosing a one-bedroom with den over a large two-bedroom, two-bath floor plan means a savings of $160,000 in entrance deposit and $332 a month for the monthly service fee. That’s a $3,984 savings per year.”

For those with their hearts set on a two-bedroom home, Whitson suggests considering one bathroom instead of two. 

“The savings always surprise people,” he says. “The reality is that many people like the idea of two bathrooms, especially for the times when guests come to visit. But when evaluating the savings, it often doesn’t make financial sense, especially when the bathroom is needed for guests who only visit a small percentage of the time.”

Those who choose a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment home will save $130,000 in entrance deposit and $300 a month ($3,600 a year) in monthly service fees.

“When faced with the potential savings, it becomes a very expensive second bathroom,” says Whitson. 

The right time to move to Greenspring is different for each person. However, with a priority list of 1,300 people, oftentimes, when the timing is right for an individual, the apartment home they want isn’t available.

“I encourage people to reevaluate their needs every 6 to 12 months,” says Whitson. “Many times, what people thought they wanted when they joined the priority list may not be what they now need, or it’s not worth waiting years for.

“Wait times on some apartment homes are years, but often, with some flexibility in preferences, we can find someone an apartment they love in a matter of months.”

And moving sooner rather than later offers a wide variety of advantages.

“I encourage everyone to move while they are young and active enough to take part in Greenspring’s many activities,” says community member Peter Straub. “Take in the evening movies, participate in the many sports offered, and enjoy a new way of life.”